We all understand Light/Sun to dark/black and also Ice/Water to fire. But what is the opposite to blood? I’ve been trying to make a magic system based upon Native American/Ancient mexico folklore and also tradition (Skinwalkers, wendigo, ritual blood sacrifice) but need a the contrary system/element that fits well.

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Please nothing say eyes, also though Bloodborne to be a great game.


Breathing magic. Concentration and building up your very own chi room an opposing system to steal life force.

You have the right to use spirit magic (soul may sustain the mind vs blood which sustains the body) and also rip off hole Knight instead of Bloodborne

Druidic magic in my opinion is pretty opposite come blood magic. With many of their power stemming indigenous nature and the balance of life.

Maybe favor glucose magic, since it can be favor the blood the flora, in opposition of the blood the fauna?

How around Geomancy? Create big structures and also drawings to draw magic native the floor itself, rather of stealing the from a life being. The is slow and also steady, rather of quick and also dirty, and it's a magic system that friend can quickly tie right into a culture inspired by pre-Columbian civilizations.

Adding come this, using Geomancy together it walk not have actually a direct tie to life things. Geomancy can take place independently that life, and also is irreversible structure instead of transitory life.

That said, I would certainly do much more research on aboriginal American traditions like the False Face culture from the Iroquois and find the opposite in ~ the same social system. Otherwise, the magic system deserve to start to polarize a culture's heritages as bad, i beg your pardon isn't a great look.


It is no nutritious, germs never live there, it offered to be a healing for some skin illness it the past and most importantly, over there is no evil way to gain it. No sacrifices devlish occasions to extract tar.

I'm not totally sure over there is an opposite. Component of me feels the blood magic not having an the contrary is what makes it therefore unique, powerful, and taboo.

What you could do is something through the soul. Instead of having an opposite choose the other aspects you can play off of blood magic gift unique and a price of life/mortality by introducing a duality course of magic. The 2 aren't opposites, simply two sides of the very same coin. One side simply hasn't been explored yet. Blood gift the physical and the spirit being the spiritual.

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Since blood is an internal life force, I would say the contrary of blood magic would be ethereal/spiritual magic, or some type of outside life pressure magic. Nature can sort the be, insofar together spirits and energy is concerned. I agree through the peak comment that a chi/breathing system of magic would be nearby imo.

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Poop magic. Provides you total control the feces and also excrement. Regulate poop inside your enemies' body by providing them explosive diarrhea. Or provide them such destructive constipation the they'd fairly die than live without being able come defecate. Have the strength to make the waiting smell favor poop, driving human being insane.

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And they called her... "shitstorm"

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Bone, maybe? choose Blood & Bone. Blood is liquid, dead oxygen, etc. If bones are just solid, immobile, etc.

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... Plasma magic?

you know, blood comes from the body, plasma indigenous the soul?

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I've constantly thought that blood magic as part of dark magic. Admittedly, ns am not really familiar with the aboriginal American people stories you're referencing so no trying to do a comment the those being dark sided. Indigenous my view the emphasis of blood magic is on sacrifice, pain and death, command over living beings. Perhaps the opposite is no such a concrete opposing force like fire/water. Probably it's the usage of herbs, crystals and other herbal sources. Powers of healing, attunement, astral projection, telepathy, purification, holistics. I prefer the other ideas of spirit magic, too. Yet I think because that it to be a an effective oppositional pressure to blood magic, you'll need to do it in a method that isn't sacrificing parts of the soul, yet achieving power by tapping into that realm, or making use of a totem or something.

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Metal? hard and unyielding contrasted to fluid and also flowing. Something i m sorry is definitively outside (at the very least in a fantasy setting) contrasted to the inner nature of blood. Organic vs Inorganic. Interesting take is the Mistborn series, wherein using steel is a net gain of energy, yet when provided forcefully to take strength (through blood and also impalement) reasons a net loss the power.

Shamans and blacksmiths are regularly highly revered figures in lack societies, i m sorry is cultivating two various view points.

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Magic Blood: utilizing magic to return blood...

But in all seriousness,

You might have to store blood magic because that both sources, whereby the the opposite is within the user’s code:

Good Magic - limited; follows an ethos the doesn’t permit for death, required sacrifice, animal slaughter, etc.

Bad Magic - unlimited, boundless horror; anything deemed forbidden by classic “magic” law

A loosened comparison might be Star Wars and also the difference in force users, both the Jedi and Sith can use the force, however the Sith can go much additional with it.

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I have a magic kind I speak to blood magic, though it's a little improper to contact it that, it's simply stuck v that name. Allow me define in detail, beginning with the non-bloodmagic, the anti-bloodmagic, called nature magic.

Nature magic can manipulate energies of life things, largely life force, yet it deserve to only rearrange them. This, for most, way they have the right to onyl rearange power within a body, however that's no a systemic limit, just a personal one. A powerful enough nature mage have the right to just rip life pressure to death their enemies, it's just not typically done.

Blood magic top top the various other hand, cannot rearrange currently energy. It sacrifices some life pressure to attract upon chaotic energy, taken indigenous a defunct, previous people consumed by chaos, and then provides that power to execute stuff. The chaotic energy quickly becomes constant energy together it come sinto call with the otherwise pretty orderly mortal realm, and can regularly replace the sacrificed energy fully, without much delay.

On the surface, both look at similar, however:

Blood magic results in much more chaotic, less regulated use that magic

Nature magic cannot cure some heart curses, blood magic can.

Nature magic, when refined fine enough, can draw on the collective life pressure of the whole realm, when blood magic can only sacrifice local energy.

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Now on to why it's even dubbed blood magic:

Some centuries back, there to be a cult, greatly made that blood mages, that did human being sacrifices (not only people were sacrificed) and drank their victims' blood in order to get power. They didn't realise that what they walk was just a(n un)lucky misuderstanding of what was yes, really happening. Blood is the many life force rich part of any type of body, and so, acquisition the blood, drinking it, making the one's own is, by proxy, acquisition the life force as well. The mental photo of sacrificing who to acquire power walk the rest. The power taken is supplied up to attract upon the chaotic power, and also viola, blood magic.