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The Latin root word lev means “light in weight.” This root is the word beginning of a fair variety of English vocabulary words, including elevator and also lever. The source lev is easily recalled through words levitate: to do someone so “light” in weight that she can float over the ground.

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al-to, towards, near
levlight, of small weight
-atemake something have actually a details quality

To alleviate a bad situation is to do it have the high quality of being “towards a lighter or less hefty side” that it, or gift “near littler weight” rather of bearing its full effect. The idea of relocating “towards littler weight” ~ above one’s shoulders is the crucial idea.


levlight, of little weight
-itystate or quality

Acting with levity is being as well “light” or behaving through “too tiny weight” in one’s conduct during a significant situation.

Lev Relieves!

The English root word lev means “light in weight.” now we will “lighten” your vocabulary load by teaching you all around the source lev!

An easy means to remember the lev method “light” is through the word levitation, i m sorry is the plot of someone’s human body floating over the ground; a levitating body has been made very “light,” thus deserve to be effortlessly raised, defying gravity! The body elevates above the ground, being made “light in weight” so that it is able to it is in raised. In a comparable way, one elevator renders the world riding in it seemingly “light” in weight as they room lifted up and up.

Have you ever used a lever come lift something heavy? A lever is used to make a hefty object watch “lighter” in weight so that it can be an ext easily raised. The idea of leverage comes from the rule of a lever; once a person has leverage in a situation, she has actually the power to influence occasions or people, make these instances “lighter” for she to readjust because that her capability to persuade others.

Have you ever before been relieved about a attention situation? when you feeling relieved, it’s as if a great weight is being lifted from her shoulders, hence giving you a feeling of becoming “light” with relief. People can often feel such relief once someone alleviates your problem, or makes it “lighter” in seriousness; because that instance, human being who take it the painkiller Alleve “lighten” the pains of headaches.

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Information that is relevant come a case is perceived as “raised” in prestige or made “light” because it has something to execute with the case at hand, and thus is readily used. On the other hand, an irrelevant donation to a project makes things “heavier” or not “light” due to the fact that it has actually nothing at every to perform with the project, for this reason making the project’s progress more complicated because the is gift weighed down.

Hopefully we have now levied sufficient relevant examples to do you feel fairly “light” in her confidence concerning the root word lev!

levitation: as soon as a human body is ‘light’ sufficient to float above the ground elevate: to raise something, in order to making the ‘light’ enough to perform so elevator: the which makes a human body ‘light’ sufficient to it is in raised lever: device which renders a heavy object ‘light’ to lift leverage: having actually the strength to advanced what you’d like, hence making situations ‘light’ to control relieve: to do ‘light’ again alleviate: to make a troubling instance move in the direction of being ‘light’ Alleve: painkiller which provides headache pain ‘lighter’ relevant: the a allude which deserve to be raised since it is ‘light’ irrelevant: the a point which should not it is in raised due to the fact that it is no ‘light’ levy: come raise something because it has been made ‘light’