Here, we space given,`a_4+a_8=24 => a+3d+a+7d = 24` `2a+10d = 24``a+5d = 12->Eq(1)``a_6+a_10=24 => a+5d+a+9d = 44` `2a+14d = 44``a+7d = 22->Eq(2)`Subtracting (1) native (2),`2d = 10 => d = 5`Putting worth of d in (1),`a+5(5)=12=>a=-13`So, very first three regards to AP are `-13,-8,-3`



Theorem:-Let a it is in the an initial term and also d be the common difference of one AP. Then its nth term and general ax is given by `a_n=a+(n-1)d`

If the 8th term of an AP is 31 and the 15th hatchet of an AP is 16 much more than the 11th hatchet . Discover the AP.

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Theorem: The sum of nth terms of an AP with very first term a and common difference d is `S_n=n/2(2a+(n-1)d)`

The sum of first 6 terms of an arithmetic progression is 42. The proportion of that 10th term to its 30th hatchet is `1:3`. Calculation the very first and 13th term of an AP.

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