The triangle is a closeup of the door polygon that has three angles, three sides, and also three vertices. Based upon the size of sides and measure of angles, the triangles are classified right into different species of triangles.Properties of a triangle assist us to determine a triangle native a given collection of numbers easily and quickly.

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In the beginning, we begin from expertise the form of triangles, your types, and also properties, theorems based upon them such as Pythagoras theorem, etc. Let us learn below some straightforward properties that triangles.

1.Triangles: classification by Type
2.Triangle Properties
3.Solved Examples
4.Practice Questions

Triangles: category by Type

Triangles deserve to be classified into two wide categories based on their angles and sides. Based upon angles, there room 3 types of triangles, and also based top top sides, there room 3 varieties of triangles.


Triangle Properties

Properties of a triangle help us to determine relationships in between different sides and angles of a triangle. Several of the necessary properties the a triangle are noted below.

Property 1 - Angle sum Property

As per the angle amount property, the amount of the three inner angles of a triangle is constantly 180°.


In the offered triangle, angle p + edge Q + angle R = 180°

Property 2 - Triangle Inequality Property

As per the triangle inequality property, the sum of the size of the 2 sides that a triangle is higher than the 3rd side.


In △ ABC and △ PQRa + b > c ( 6 + 4 > 3)c + a > b (3 + 4 > 6)c+ b > a ( 6 + 3 > 4)

Property 3 - Pythagorean Theorem

As per the Pythagorean theorem, in a right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse amounts to the sum of the squares that the other two sides. Mathematically, it have the right to be expressed as Hypotenuse² = Base² + Altitude².


Property 4 - next opposite the greater angle is the longest side

In order to recognize the next opposite the higher angle is the longest next property, let's take the below-given triangle right into consideration.


In this triangle, edge B is the best angle. Thus, the next AC is the longest side.

Property 5 - Exterior edge Property

As per the exterior edge property, the exterior angle of a triangle is constantly equal to the amount of the inner opposite angles.


In the offered triangle, Exterior edge E1 = edge PQR + edge QRPThere room 3 exterior angles in a triangle and all this exterior angles include up to 360° for any kind of polygon.

Property 6 - Congruence Property

As every the Congruence Property, 2 triangles are claimed to be congruent if every their matching sides and also angles room equal.


angle XYZ = angle DEFangle YXZ = angle EDFangle YZX = edge EFDXY = DEXZ = DFYZ = EF

The simple triangle nature such together the area and perimeter the a triangle are given below.

Area of a triangle: The total amount of space inside the triangle is referred to as the area the a triangle. The area is measured in square units.The basic formula for calculating the area of a triangle is Area (A) = (1/2) × base × HeightPerimeter: The perimeter of a triangle = amount of every its three sides

Heron's formula: Heron’s formula is provided to calculation the area that a triangle if the lengths of all the sides are known and the elevation of the triangle is no known. First, we have to calculate the semi-perimeter(s). For a triangle with sides p, q, and r, s = (p+q+r)/2, the area is offered by; A = (sqrtS(S-P)(S-Q)(S-R))

Properties of a Triangle connected Topics

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Important Notes

The triangle is a close up door polygon that has actually three angles, three sides, and three vertices.Sides and also angles are really important elements of a triangle.We deserve to classify various types of triangle in math by combining sides and also angles.The basic formula for calculating the area the a triangle is Area (A) = (1/2) × basic × HeightThe perimeter that a triangle is same to the amount of all 3 sides the the triangle.

Example 3:A triangle has actually a dimension of 3 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm, wherein the basic is 4 cm and also the altitude of the triangle is 3.2 cm. Calculatethe area and also perimeter of the triangle.


Sides of the triangleare: x= 3 cm, y= 4 cm and also z= 5 cmAltitude= 3.2 cm

Using the area of the triangle formula, we know, Area = 1/2 × basic × heightA = (1/2) × 4 × 3.2A = 6.4

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The perimeter the the triangle is provided by ns = x+ y+ zP = 3 + 4 + 5P = 12 cmTherefore, the area and perimeter the the offered triangle room 6.4 cm2 and also 12 centimeter respectively.