What is Potassium Oxide?

Potassium oxide is an ionic compound developed by combining potassium and oxygen. The carries the chemical formula K2O.

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Potassium cannot be found complimentary because that is too reactive. It has valency +1 and combines conveniently with oxygen atoms forming K2O. The oxide, K2O, is acquired as a grey crystalline substance once potassium is oxidized; potassium charred in overabundance oxygen to type potassium oxide. Potassium oxide is a strongly corrosive alkali, i m sorry when liquified in water.

Other names – Potassium monoxide, dipotassium hydroxide, Kalium oxide

K2OPotassium Oxide
Density2.35 g/cm³
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass94.2 g/mol
Melting Point740 °C
Chemical FormulaK2O

Potassium Oxide framework – K2O


Physical properties of Potassium Oxide – K2O

AppearancePale yellow solid
Heat capacity83.62 J/mol·K
SolubilitySoluble in EtOH and ether

Chemical nature of Potassium Oxide – K2O

K2O + H2O → 2KOH

Potassium oxide reacts v hydrogen chloride develops potassium chloride and also water. The chemistry equation is given below.

K2O + 2HCl → 2KCl + H2O

Uses the Potassium Oxide – K2O

Potassium oxide or “pure potash” expressed as K20, has been designated the commercial typical or unit.Used in farming as a fertilizer, but it can likewise be provided in the produce of glass and soap, and also in little quantities that is beneficial for clinical purposes.Used to treat fungal granulomatous disease and infections linked with zygomycetes.Used for over 100 year in the therapy of actinomycosis and also actinobacillosis in cattle; it is likewise employed in the therapy of sporotrichosis and also botryomycosis.

Frequently asked Questions

What is potassium oxide offered for?

It is widely provided in the farming industry together a fertilizer. Potassium oxide is likewise used in the manufacturing of soaps and additionally in the manufacturing of glass. Certain medical processes are additionally known come involve potassium oxide.

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Is potassium oxide acidic or basic?

Potassium oxide is a simple oxide. Other vital examples of simple oxides incorporate FeO (iron oxide) and CaO (calcium oxide).

How is potassium oxide produced?

Potassium oxide can be created by reacting potassium v oxygen and also treating the resulting potassium peroxide v metallic potassium. The chemistry equation for this reaction is given by: