How to convert fractions to decimals.

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Fractions and decimals are two common ways to create out partial numbers. Here"s who to revolve one right into the other.

How to tackle fractions

Fractions space a common means of writing out partial numbers. A portion usually way a variety of equal parts like "one half" and also "two thirds." This is composed as one entirety number over one more whole number. "Two thirds" would be created out as 1/3.

To use fractions, we need to figure out what number walk on top, and also what walk on bottom. The number on peak is called the numerator; this is the variety of parts we have actually (Two thirds). The number ~ above bottom is referred to as the denominator; this is how countless of those components make one entirety (Two thirds).

Because a fraction means a "part" the something, we call fractions "proper" if the number on optimal is smaller sized than the number on bottom (this way that it is less than 1). If the number on peak is bigger we contact it an improper fraction.

Improper fountain can likewise be created out as a mix the a totality number and a fractions. This are dubbed mixed numbers.

Sometimes fractions can be written differently however have the very same value. 1/3 is the same as 2/6. These are called equivalent fractions. The method to get equivalent fractions is the multiply or divide the top and also bottom numbers by the same number. In general you desire to divide under to the smallest numbers you can; this is called simplifying fractions.

How to take care of decimals

A decimal is another means of mirroring a partial number. It"s referred to as a "decimal" since it"s excellent in groups of ten ("dec-" in Latin), favor normal numbers. V a decimal, though, the numbers seek the 1s place rather of before. The variety of places us go past 1 are referred to as decimal places. To keep things simple, we note off the begin of this decimal numbers through a decimal suggest or period. An example would it is in 1.1 or 5.6

The best way to calculate decimals is using long division. That"s a bit of an affiliated process, so we won"t walk over that step by step here. The vital thing to understand is that, most of the time, you just want to write out to the second decimal place (or the "hundredths" place).

Converting fractions into decimal numbers

Converting fountain to decimal is basic once you recognize your division. To revolve a fraction into a decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator. So if you have actually 3/4, divide 3 by 4.

The result won"t constantly have a an easy answer. In part cases, there is no easy way to divide. 1/3, because that example, comes the end to .33 (with much more 3s walk on forever). These are dubbed repeating decimals. You display that a decimal repeats by drawing a line end the last 2 numbers.

Convert decimal to fractions

To convert a decimal into a fraction, friend just need to do the same procedure in reverse. Produce a fraction with the decimal as the numerator and also "1" together the denominator. Then multiply lock both by ten as numerous times as you must get whole numbers on top and also bottom. This will provide you a fraction.

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For example, .63/1 will end up being 63/100 after us multiply the top and also bottom by 100.

.05/1 will end up being 5/100. In this case, we deserve to simplify the portion down to 1/20. So, .05 = 1/20

Some common decimals and fractions