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The title says it all: once an author says "within 7 days", does the writer mean include the 7th day? Or, walk it mean up to yet not consisting of the 7th day?



I think within seven days contains the saturday day. Ns take that to median "by the finish of the saturday day."

For example, the American Red overcome blood donation website has actually this line:

• Donated platelets must be offered within five days the collection.

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I take that to median the platelets have the right to be provided on days 1, 2, 3, 4, and also 5. Yet on work 6, they need to be discarded.

(The truth that girlfriend were motivated to ask her question, however, is why I always state specifically that I desire something returned to me by the end of the business day on a particular date.)


Whenever I have a question like this I try to break it down right into a smaller sized case and also then extrapolate. If i ask to have something under "within a day" I typical 24 hours from now - this day is job 0 and tomorrow is work 1, the day the it is due. So "within 7 days" way it is early out on work 7, counting now as job 0.


I think the prize is that plain language is simply not specific enough come say, without a tiny extra acrobatics. You can ask the very same question about other time limits, such as "by Friday" - walk this mean that you have actually until midnight ~ above Friday? ns think there is a propensity (here"s the acrobatics) to use the next smaller unit once precision is necessary, for instance "48 hours". So, if you want to specify precisely one week, you might say "168 hours".


It"s ambiguous. I"d to speak "within 7 days" SHOULD typical within 7 x 24 hours from now, so if in ~ noon top top Monday I"m told "this is due within 7 days" the would typical by noon of the following Monday. But people frequently take this particular day to it is in the first day the the count, therefore if top top Monday someone says "within 3 days" they room thinking job 1=today, Monday; work 2=Tuesday, work 3=Wednesday.

There"s likewise the perennial inquiry of even if it is the critical day end on the multiple of 24 hours from the time once the deadline was given, if it means midnight of that day, or close up door time of that day, or what.

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And go "7 days" typical 7 calendar days, or 7 organization days?


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