You’ve probably seen A Christmas Story enough times that you never ever really must watch that again. Yet watch it girlfriend will. And also enjoy it, too—even though you recognize every twist and also turn it will take because that our young hero Ralphie to finally get his hand on his much-desired Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-Shot selection Model waiting Rifle. (An item the repeats 28 times throughout the film’s 94-minute running time; you can make an eggnog drinking video game out that that.)

This Christmas, when you inevitably track into record at the very least one airing of Bob Clark’s holiday classic during the annual 24-hour marathon, we’ve got a method for you to watch A Christmas Story in a whole brand-new light: by keeping your eyes—and ears—peeled because that these 25 blink-and-you’ll-miss-‘em gaffes, anachronisms, and also other fun facts the make city hall the standard film one entirely brand-new experience.

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1. Ralphie no know how to assignment “Christmas.”

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At the very least it doesn’t appear that means when he gets his Christmas theme—or chandelier we speak to it a Chistmas theme—back indigenous Mrs. Shields, who additionally didn’t notice that the “R” is lacking from the word.

2. Jean Shepherd provides an on-screen appearance.

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If the voice that the guy who brusquely educates Ralphie and also Randy that the line to sit ~ above Santa’s lap begins around two mile further earlier than they had actually anticipated sound familiar, that’s since it’s the voice that the narrator, a.k.a. Adult Ralphie, who also happens to it is in Jean Shepherd, the male upon whose brief stories the film itself is based. The mrs behind Shepherd is his wife, Leigh Brown.

3. Bob Clark has actually a cameo, too.

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Not to be outdone, director Bob Clark pops increase in front of the camera, too, as Ralphie’s neighbor, Swede. He’s the guy who seems awfully curious around how Ralphie’s dad controlled to snag himself a foot lamp. Once The Old guy Parker educates him that it’s a significant Award, Swede responds: “Shucks, ns wouldn’t know that. The looks favor a lamp."

4. Ralphie’s dad is never given a name.

Over the years, a gaggle of sharp-eared A Christmas Story fans have actually pointed out that in Bob Clark’s scene, Ralphie’s dad is offered a name: Hal. This is since they thought that in the short exchange between the two neighbors, Swede asks the the foot lamp, “Damn Hal, you to speak you won it?” yet a rapid confer through the film’s initial screenplay confirms that Swede’s actual questions is, “Damn, hell, you to speak you winner it?”

5. Speak of the leg lamp …

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The continuity people must have actually been acquisition a coffee break during the unveiling of the leg lamp. Watch carefully as the lot of packing debris extending The Old Man’s earlier and head transforms from shot to shot. In one shot, his back is covered in the stuff; cut back and there’s nothing there.

6. Is the leg lamp really a lamp?

In enhancement to gift stumped by the word “fragile,” The Old Man—and the remainder of the family—is originally confused as to what the leg’s function is. Is it a statue? (“Yeah, statue!”) One can’t blame them, as there’s no electrical cord to be seen. It’s just a leg. Yet, once the lampshade is discovered, the Parker clan is magically able come plug the titillating small fixture ideal in.

7. One final thing about the leg desk lamp …

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After angry the minute that Ralphie describes would end up being “a family dispute for years”—the breaking of the foot lamp—Mrs. Parker balks at her husband’s accusation that she would be jealousy of a plastic lamp. However just moments before the “accident” in question, we hear the sound of break glass. And also lots of it. Plastic doesn’t sound (or break) prefer that.

8. Is it Toronto or is it Indiana?

Though the film is set in Hohman, Indiana—a fictionalized town based on Shepherd’s hometown of Hammond, Indiana—parts of the film were shot in Toronto. This becomes obvious in few of the outdoor scenes, such as as soon as the household is shopping for a Christmas tree, as among the Toronto Transit Commission’s signature red trolley cars zooms by.

9. Bolts matches nuts.

We every remember Ralphie’s reaction as soon as his effort to assist his father solve a flat tire go terribly awry. However here’s a fun fact that just true motorheads would certainly pick increase on: In the scene, Ralphie’s dad implores the to host the hubcap horizontally so the he have the right to put the “nuts” in it. Yet the 1938 Oldsmobile the he’s control actually uses removable bolts. A fact that Shepherd confirms in his narration that the scene when he recalls that, “For one short moment I experienced all the bolts silhouetted versus the lights of the traffic—and climate they to be gone.” Oh, fudge!

10. Scott Schwartz is no Schwartz. But he is.

Ralphie’s two best friends are Schwartz, played by R.D. Robb, and also Flick, played by Scott Schwartz. As if this tale of 2 Schwartzes weren’t confusing enough, once Ralphie tells his mommy that that Schwartz who taught him how to drop the F-bomb, Mrs. Parker immediately calls the boy’s mother. But the voice we hear of fictional Schwartz acquisition a whooping is in reality the voice the Scott Schwartz. Acquired it?

11. Schwartz’s whereabouts room confusing.

Immediately adhering to his unceremonious (and totally false) ratting out of his buddy, Ralphie remembers just how “three blocks away, Schwartz was obtaining his.” In the original story, that might have an extremely well been the case. But the film’s production dubbed for Schwartz’s house to be simply a couple of doors down from Ralphie’s, as we watch as the children walk to school together. Not 3 blocks away.

12. Ralphie’s no a very an excellent listener.

Ralphie felt easy to understand ripped off when, after weeks of wait for his small Orphan Annie decoder ring, the an initial message the decoded was merely an advertisement for Ovaltine. But he’s happy he might decipher the post at all, since a couple of of the numbers that he created down don’t enhance the numbers that announcer Pierre Andre broadcast, many notably the last one; Pierre said 25, Ralphie wrote 11.

13. Uppercase or lowercase?

Perhaps that that very error above that made it important for Ralphie come decode Annie’s message on at least two pieces of paper. Exactly how do we understand that? inspect out the difference in the “E” in words “Be.” In the previously shot, the an uppercase E; in the last message, the letter is lowercase. We’re on come you, Ralphie.

14. For a sporting activities fan, Old male Parker doesn’t know sports.

Though the specific year the A Christmas Story’s setup is never ever stated, countless of its context clues—including the makes and models of the cars we see and also the popularity of The magician of Oz and tiny Orphan Annie—put its year roughly 1939 or 1940. However in the start of the film, Mr. Parker becomes irate after reading in the record that the White Sox “traded Bullfrog.” yet the White Sox never traded invoice “Bullfrog” Dietrich, despite they did release him top top September 18, 1946, which would make this comment six years premature. He likewise refers come the Chicago Bears together the “Terror of the Midway,” when in reality their nickname is “Monsters of the Midway.”

15. The instance of the mysterious levers.

Old guy Parker appears to have a most non-human enemies—his car, the Bumpus hounds, and also a seemingly possessed furnace amongst them. In one scene, The Old male yells upstairs for someone to open up the damper, which mom does quite reluctantly. Yet watch closely when the camera cuts back to the levers, which space in the opposite place as Mom set them just seconds earlier.

16. Diversity together an anachronism.

By the moment A Christmas Story to be released in 1983, gyeongju segregation in Indiana public schools was a point 34 year in the past. Yet if Ralphie’s story takes place any type of time before 1949, he would not have had any African American classmates, together he does in the film.

17. The rotating banana.

Hoping come score some extra points with his teacher, Ralphie gift Mrs. Shields with the world’s largest fruit basket. It’s so large, in fact, the its individual pieces of fruit it seems to be ~ to have actually a mental of your own. Watch the means the banana shifts place each time the camera cuts earlier to Ralphie.

18. A drawer full of unimaginable mischief.

Ralphie and also his classmates room a troublemaking lot. And also when they decision to beginning a classroom-wide prank in which they’re every wearing a set of false teeth, Mrs. Shields is well-prepared. She’s acquired a drawer full of pranks past, consisting of a pair the chattering this … a gag gift that wasn’t actually invented until 1949.

19. Speaking of toothy anachronisms …

In his make the efforts to make Ralphie’s life a life hell, we gain an up-close check out of the braces worn by Scut the bully. They’re the type that are directly bonded come the prior of his teeth, a process that wasn’t created until the 1970s. Until then, steel braces to be wrapped approximately the teeth.

20. Three-barrel hinged glasses no a thing either.

After almost shooting his eye out on Christmas morning, Ralphie steps on his very own glasses, revealing castle to use a three-barrel hinge connector, which would not have been feasible until the 1980s.

21. Ralphie shoots three times, hits four.

When Ralphie is required to defend his family versus the rascally black color Bart (in his very own imagination), that shoots three negative guys prior to his nemesis Bart escapes. Yet when the heap of poor guys is presented with their eyes X’ed out, there are four of them.

22. A really Bing christmas.

On Christmas morning, the Parkers kick back with the most standard of Christmas albums—Bing Crosby’s Merry Christmas—in the background. As cherished a heritage as that may be, the album wasn’t released until 1945.

23. A bowling ball for Christmas.

Old male Parker is thrilled when his wife presents him with a shiny new blue bowling sphere for Christmas. There’s simply one problem: colored bowling balls weren’t introduced until the 1960s.

24. Melinda Dillion gets height billing.

Getting height billing must have been fairly a thrill for actress Melinda Dillon … until the really credits rolled and her name was assignment incorrectly!

25. Speed Gordon it s okay credit, too.

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Keep the town hall the end credits roll and you’ll view Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless amongst the names the scroll by. Despite it never made the final cut, the credits for an additional fantasy sequence in i beg your pardon Ralphie and also his trusty firearm assist Flash Gordon challenge off versus Ming remain.