The greater than or equal to symbol is supplied to stand for inequality in math. That tells us that the given variable is either better than or equal to a details value. For example, if x ≥ 3 is given, it method that x is either better than or same to 3. It defines a variety of values that x have the right to take i beg your pardon starts native 3 and also goes up till infinity.

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1.What is better Than or same To?
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"Greater 보다 or same to", together the name suggests, method the variable is either better than or same to a certain value. The "greater than" native is offered to express the one quantity is better than the various other quantity. The"is equal to" native is supplied to express that two quantities are equal. Once these terms are linked with each other they make a brand-new term that is Greater than Or same To and this term is offered to display that, the amount or amount worth limit can be same to or higher than the border given.

For example, because that a human to be elected as a president he or she must be a minimum of 35 year old. This method that a human should it is in either better than or same to 35 year old.

The "Greater 보다 or equal to" prize is offered in direct inequalities as soon as we don't understand whether the worth of a variable is higher than or same to a details value. The is express by the symbol " ≥ ". This price is nothing however the "greater than" price ( >) with a resting line under it. The sleeping line listed below the better sign way "equal to".Here is an example for friend to know this concept better. For a school to get involved in one olympiad exam, the number of students native each course should be a minimum that 10. This way that if there are much less than 10 students participating from any type of one the the classes, no one of the student of that course can take it the olympiad exam. If x to represent the variety of students participating in a class, climate x have to be higher than or same to 10. This is represented by: x ≥ 10

Here are some other instances for "Greater than or equal to"

x ≥ 100 way the worth of x must be better than or same to 100.a ≥ - 2 method the worth of a must be higher than or same to -2.


The table listed below shows where and also how higher than or same to symbol is used along with examples and also meanings.


x ≥ 2

2 ≥ x ≥ −1

The worth of x is better than or equal to 2.

The value of x should between −1 and also 2 inclusive the both values.

Greater 보다 or same to, ≥

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Example 1: A fruit shop owner selling a glass the juice for $2. He has a target the earning revenues better than or same to $350 a day. If x is the number of glasses the juice that he sells in a day, compose an inequality representing this situation.

Solution: a) expense of every glass of juice = $2Number of glasses the juice he sells in a work = xHence, the full cost that x glasses that juices the sells in a job = $2xThe total revenue must be better than or same to $350 a day.So the inequality to stood for this is, 2x ≥ 350.

Example 2: James demands to score a minimum that 40 marks out of 100 to clean the math exam. Express this statement utilizing the better than or same to symbol.

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Solution: Let's stand for the mathematics marks that James by x. It is given that happen marks space 40 or more. So, this can be represented by a basic inequality, x ≥ 40

Therefore, the condition is represented as x ≥ 40, whereby x is the number of marks score by James in maths.

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