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Wire in the Blood was a brothers crime drama television series, created and also produced by Coastal Productions because that the ITV network that ran from 2002 to 2009. The series is based on characters produced by Val McDermid: a college clinical psychologist, Dr. Anthony “Tony” Valentine Hill (Robson Green), who is able to tap right into his own dark side to get inside the top of serial killers. Working v vice formation detectives, Hill bring away on tough and seemingly impenetrable situations in an attempt to track down the killers prior to they win again.

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The very first series contained three two-part episodes. The an initial was one adaptation of The Mermaids Singing, the 2nd an adaptation of The wire In The Blood and also the 3rd was an initial script based upon the characters, referred to as Justice Painted Blind.

Wire in the Blood continued for six series. For more in-depth information click here

‘The wire in the Blood’ – wherein the title come from and what it means…

The phrase ‘the wire in the blood’ comes indigenous T.S. Eliot’s four Quartets. – ‘The trilling wire in the blood ⁄ sings listed below inveterate scars ⁄ appeasing long-forgotten wars.’

As because that the meaning… In an interview Robson green said the expression wire in the blood was taken to median a genetic kink, miscellaneous impure and unusual in the blood, that leads to the kind of psychosis Hill could deal with.

Val McDermid says: “Who to know what Eliot really meant by the line? Robson’s explanation is as an excellent as any… for myself, I’ve constantly taken the to be a an allegory for the thrill of adrenaline surging v the bloodstream. Yet we’ll never recognize for sure”.

Wire In The Blood – fully WiredAll six collection available in one great DVD boxset

– indigenous 30 November 2009

Robson environment-friendly (Soldier Soldier, north Lights) stars together dysfunctional psychologist Dr Tony Hill in struggle ITV1 series, wire in the Blood. Based upon the personalities of prize-winning author Val McDermid, Dr Hill’s distinctive insight into the broken mind proves invaluable in the hunt because that the murderers and also rapists terrorising the northern town the Bradfield.

Now available in the entirety, follow Dr Tony Hill in a race against time as he and also ambitious DCI Carol Jordan (Hermione Norris – Cold Feet, Spooks) tackle the ever existing threat of serial killers stalking their streets. From collection Four, Tony is joined by DI Alex Fielding (Simone Lahbib – negative Girls, monarch of the Glen) as he encounters his darkest and most brutal cases yet. Can the team collect all the evidence and stop the horrific slayings in time?

Includes Prayer of the Bone – 2008 attribute length unique filmed in Texas, USA – Also available individually indigenous 30 November 2009.

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Wire In The Blood 5th & 6th Series on DVD – June 2009


The final two collection of the gripping ITV drama now obtainable to very own in a great set…

Released 03 august 2009

ITV Fail come Recommission cable In The Blood

– Val McDermid – march 2009

I’m an extremely sad to report the ITV have actually refused come recommission cable IN THE BLOOD because that a saturday series. Every one of us associated with the display have remained in a state of shock because we got the news. That inexplicable to me.

In despite the of the truth that ITV have actually never offered us a constant slot, the present has gone the end at varying times of the year, on different nights and in at the very least three layouts in regards to length, we have actually consistently ceded some the the greatest audiences for any kind of ITV drama. We have consistently to be the most-watched display on any type of channel. According to official ratings figures, fine over 90% of our viewers to the the present as one appointment‚ with the TV ie, lock don’t just watch due to the fact that there’s nothing else on. The show is checked out on 120 channels world-wide. It’s won awards, it’s simply been shortlisted for an Edgar by the an enig Writers the America.

Year after ~ year, seaside have produced terrific quality ~ above a shoestring budget plan that has decreased in actual terms. They’ve lugged millions the pounds into the economic climate of the North eastern of England and also because they’re the only firm in the region producing network drama, this axing method a loss of an abilities and a loss of voice that goes method beyond our personal interests.

Wire In The Blood through DVD

– in march 2009

Wire in the Blood collection VI out on DVD

Starring Robson Green, Simone Lahbib, mark Letheren and also Emma Handy.

The sixth series of this massively famous drama involves DVD on second March 2009.Dr. Tony Hill is earlier in four more dark, gripping illustration of ITV’s thrilling collection Wire In The Blood.

Socially awkward and unorganised, and also with his personal life spilling from his favoured plastic bags, Tony Hill’s unique insight right into the fractured mind remains invaluable to Bradfield C.I.D. As the close knit team continue to hunt because that the killers, rapists and also sadists stalking their streets. And, in this series, nobody is safe.

In episode one, “Unnatural Vices” the victim are having actually their limbs systematically reduced off, reportedly while they are still alive, v the masking perpetrator calmly eating their severed body parts in front of them together they stay conscious. Might a police officer be next on the killer’s gruesome menu?

Based top top Val McDermid’s finest selling novel The critical Temptation, “Falls the Shadow” sees a confused Tony named as the key suspect as soon as an experimental Psychologist’s mutilated body is uncovered in she hotel room, v Dr Hill’s blood and fingerprints all over the crime scene.Young men are going missing in the dark episode “From the Defeated“, only to revolve up beaten, strangled and also shot in the head. The team need to discover any kind of link in between these deaths and also the underground people of dog fighting, and quickly, before another young victim is taken.

Gripping stuff…

— daily Express

And finally, in episode 4 “The Dead Land“, Tony and Alex’s relationship starts to grow and also evolve, but the socially inept physician is continually absent all the signals. On the other hand the fresh cleansed body of the homeless and vulnerable are transforming up abandoned in Bradfield. Have the right to the team collect all the piece of the jigsaw before an additional gruesome death?

Starring Robson Green together the hapless yet brilliant Dr. Hill and Simone Lahbib as the supportive and also patient Alex Fielding, cable In The Blood remains among ITV’s most famous series, with writer Val McDermid nominated for the channel’s Writer’s compensation for standard TV Drama, together the likes that Colin Dexter, Ian Rankin and also Lynda La Plante.

Cat No: PAR61427 | RRP: £19.99

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Wire In The Blood collection VI

– September 2008

Wire in the Blood set for collection six…

Robson green has to face a cannibal killer v a deadly vendetta in a brand-new series the the hard-hitting drama, wire in the Blood.

The gritty movies see eccentric clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill (Robson Green) encountering his criminal nemesis – through devastating after-effects for both him and his police partner DI Fielding (played by Simone Lahbib).

Tony’s fight with the killer Michael (Jolyon Baker) develops the backbone that the eight-week series, which has a new format of four two-part stories.

When person remains are found on wasteland, Alex brings Tony come investigate theories of honour killings and fetishism. But the killer has actually Tony in his sights and also the inquiry i do not care frighteningly personal.

Tony also finds himself a prime doubt in a police examination when a woman that tries come seduce that is uncovered dead.

Alex and Tony join forces to track under the men or ladies responsible for a catalogue the shocking attacks in the northern town the Bradfield, consisting of a collection of prostitute murders, the mysterious disappearance of young men and also bizarre killings of homeless people.

Once again, Tony’s uncanny knowledge of human behaviour allows him come empathise through both victim and killer – even to the suggest of sensing the killings themselves.

Wire In The Blood Box-Set series III & IV

– April 2008

The Complete third and fourth Series…Starring Robson Green, Hermione Norris and Simone Lahbib.

4 DVD set Out to Buy (UK) on 05-May-2008

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Tony Hill and also Detective Inspector Carol Jordan are reunited for four an ext dark and disturbing situations in collection III, hunting brutal killers terrorising the northern town of Bradfield. An obsessive fascination through the fractured criminal mind, leader Dr Hill and also D.I. Jordan on one intense and also vivid journey right into a dark civilization of faceless serial killers. It is a race versus time together they try to suspect the killer’s an extremely next step, and also identify the next possible victim, each instance putting much more pressure on your close relationship.

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Series IV watch Tony Hill’s calls come Carol Jordan going unanswered and with the appeal courts investigating his influence in a previous case, Tony must once again pit himself versus the horrific serial killers stalking the north town that Bradfield. However in ‘Time to Murder and Create’, together yet another body is discovered, execute the police, and also the new D.I. In particular, still desire his help? perform they still to trust his instincts together they hunting a callous sex fiend luring desperate young girl to your grisly deaths?

Wire In The Blood VI

– upgrade From Val Mcdermid – March 2008

“Filming is currently under way for a sixth series of WITB. Again, we’ve obtained a terrific set that scripts and also from what I’ve checked out so far, performances come match. The special that was filmed in Texas over the summer, Prayer of the Bone, will certainly be aired early on in the brand-new Year, so store an eye on the UK TV schedules and make certain you don’t miss out on it. Ns guarantee it’ll have actually you sweat in her seat.”


Wire In The Blood IV 2 Disc Box-Set Available

– October 2007

Robson Green returns as clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill in a brand-new series of ITV1′s Wire In

The Blood – and the instances are his many disturbing yet.

With his calls to Carol Jordan walk unanswered and also with the appeal courts investigating his influence in a previous case, Tony must once again pit himself against the horrific serial killers stalking the north town of Bradfield. However in Time to Murder and also Create, together yet an additional body is discovered, do the police, and the new D.I. In particular, still want his help? carry out they still to trust his instincts together they hunt a callous sex fiend luring desperate young girls to their grisly deaths?

In the episode Torment, based on the novel by award-winning writer Val McDermid, Tony must also find the vicious killer attacking prostitutes through razor blades and save a near team member from certain death. However what might the killer want v her? Delve right into the murky, secretive people of the Freemasons in the episode Hole In The Heart. Is this mystery society behind a wave of horrific sacrificial deaths and suicides? and what is the Church’s function in this gruesome deaths?

And in the final episode of this suspense-filled series, once a convict blames his profiling because that what

looks like a pistol miscarriage of justice, Tony is lastly forced to inquiry whether he still has that uncanny ability to see into the psychic of killers and also rapists. Has actually his tumour effected his judgement?