What does no más mean?

The expression no más in Spanish method “no more.” Its particular sense have the right to vary relying on context, however, which means it can also translate to “enough,” “no longer,” or “just.”

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No means “no” in Spanish and also English. Don’t you feeling smarter already?

Más is Spanish for “more,” ultimately from the Latin magnus, or “great.” Think magnitude.

Together, then, no más means “no more”, together in no más tacos, por favor.


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It’s not always accurate, though, to translate expressions word for word. In some contexts, no más can typical something prefer “no longer” or “there isn’t any type of (of something).”


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In various other contexts, no más can average “enough.” One famous example is the so-called No Más Fight between legendary boxer Sugar ray Leonard and Chilean boxer Roberto “El Cholo” Durán in ~ the brand-new Orleans Superdome in 1980. In ~ the finish of the eighth round, Durán turned toward the referee and also quit the enhance by pleading “No más,” or “That’s enough.”

the older i get the less shit i treatment about. If friend don’t choose me for this reason what lol. I ain’t fighting no mas