A telomere is a an ar of the DNA sequence at the finish of a chromosome. Their function is to defend the end of the chromosome from degradation. Right here they are visible as highlights in ~ the advice of the chromosomes.

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The prefixes (tel- and also telo-) median end, terminus, extremity, or completion. Lock are derived from the Greek (telos) definition an finish or goal. The prefixes (tel- and also telo-) are additionally variants of (tele-), which way distant.

tel- and telo- Examples: (meaning end)

Telencephalon (tel - encephalon) - the front portion of the forebrain consist of of the cerebrum and also diencephalon. It is likewise called the finish brain.

Teloblast (telo - blast) - in annelids, a big cell, usually situated on the growing end of an embryo, i m sorry divides to kind many smaller cells. The smaller cells room aptly called blast cells.

Telocentric (telo - centric) - describes a chromosome who centromere is situated near or at the end of the chromosome.

Telodendrimer (telo - dendrimer) - is a chemistry term that refers to having a dendrimer that branches at one of its ends. Dendrimers space polymers that have actually branches of atom from a central spine.

Telodynamic (telo - dynamic) - relating to a device of making use of ropes and also pulleys come transmit power over huge distances.

Telogen (telo - gen) - the finish phase that the hair expansion cycle in which the hair stops growing. That is the relaxing phase of the cycle. In chemistry, the ax can also refer come a move agent that is offered in telomerization.

Teloglia (telo - glia) - build-up of glial cells recognized as Schwann cell at the finish of a engine nerve fiber.

Telomerase (telo - mer - ase) - an enzyme in chromosome telomeres the helps preserve the length of chromosomes during cell division. This enzyme is active primarily in cancer cells and reproductive cells.

Telopeptide (telo - peptide) - an amino acid sequence in ~ the end of a protein that is removed upon maturation.

Telophase (telo - phase) - the final stage of the nuclear department processes of mitosis and meiosis in the cabinet cycle.

Telosynapsis (telo - synapsis) - end to end suggest of contact between pairs the homologous chromosomes throughout the formation of gametes.

Telotaxis (telo - taxis) - movement or orientation in response to some form of external stimulus. Irradiate is an example of such a stimulus.

Telotrochal (telo - trochal) - in part annelid larvae advert to having both cilia in former of the "mouth" and also on the earlier end of the organism.

tele- Examples: (meaning distant)

telemetry (tele - metry) - infection of an equipment readings and also measurements to a remote resource usually via radio waves, via wires, or some other transmission mechanism. The transmissions space usually sent out to record or receiving train station to it is in analyzed. The hatchet can also refer come biotelemetry.

Telephotography (tele - photography) - describes either the transmission of photographs over part distance or the process of acquisition photographs v a telephoto lens attached to a camera.

Telescope (tele - scope) - an optical instrument that supplies lenses to magnify distant objects because that viewing.

Television (tele - vision) - an digital broadcast system and also related devices that enables images and sound to be transmitted and received over big distances.

tel-, telo-, or tele- Word analysis

In your study of biology, that is necessary to understand the meaning of prefixes and also suffixes. By understanding prefixes and suffixes favor tel-, telo-, and tele-, biologic terms and also concepts become more understandable. Now that you"ve the review the tel- and also telo- examples (meaning end) and the tele- examples (meaning distant) above, you should have actually no troubles discerning the meaning of added words the are based on these prefixes.

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