Since our starting in 1883, Musgrove Mortuaries & Cemeterieshas been committed to compassionate, responsible organization to the households of lane County. We administer individualized, an individual counseling the extends beyond the limits of the funeral service.The Musgrove Mortuaries & Cemeteries and also staff are firmly cursed to relieving the stress, and also easing the burden of grief the the households who depend on us, nevertheless of race, religion, or financial status. We offer guidance and also support, as long and also often as you require us. We"ve brought on this appointment of family service and also counseling for over 125 years and also we extend this organization to every lane County family members from 6 convenient locations.Because convenience is so essential to high quality service, we are accessible day or night, 365 work a year. If you space suddenly challenged with a fatality in your family, or the lose of a friend, placed your to trust in the people with experience, compassion and dedication. Placed your trust in us.

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A history of Caring

In 1883 Robert Day, a cabinet and also coffin device who had remained in business in Eugene since 1870, entered in come a partnership v Robert Henderson, a professional undertaker, and also Day and also Henderson opened its doors top top the corner of 7th and also Willamette roadways in downtown Eugene together the an initial funeral house in roadway County. In 1911 they marketed the organization to W.W. Brandstetter who relocated the operation to the corner of 7th and Willamette for a short period of time while a brand-new building was being constructed at 11th and Olive streets. The funeral home has actually operated the end of its present location because 1912. Clarence Simon started working in ~ Branstetter"s in 1914 and also became a companion in the organization in 1929. In 1945 Mr. Simon take it on Harold Lounsbury together a partner. Mr. Lounsbury came to be the sole owner in 1958.

In 1952 Wayne Musgrove started working in ~ the funeral home. He came to be a partner with Mr. Lounsbury in 1964. In 1973 Mr. Lounsbury died and Wayne Musgrove together with his wife, Kay, became owners that the business. Their earliest son, Mark, began working because that them in 1980 and their younger son, Jeff, started working full-time at the for sure in 1985. Kay Musgrove retirement in 1990 and also Wayne Musgrove retirement in 1991. Mark and also Jeff, along with their wives Diane and also Sharon, proceed to bring on the family members tradition of organization to our community.

In 1980 the Musgrove household purchased Riverside Chapel in Florence and also Murphy Funeral residence in Junction City. The Florence funeral residence was sold in 1990. In 2001 the gotten in into an covenant with the Archdiocese that Oregon to control Mt. Calvary Cemetery in southern Eugene. In 2005 the purchased several funeral homes and cemeteries in the area indigenous a huge multi-national copy, group headquartered in Texas, happen them earlier into neighborhood ownership. In 2012 castle purchased Poole-Larsen Funeral Home. In 2015 Musgrove Mortuaries & Cemeteries, which had actually been located on Olive Street in downtown Eugene because that over 100 years, relocated come the beautiful grounds that West Lawn Memorial Park. Musgrove Mortuaries & Cemeteries currently operate native seven areas offering the greatest choice of alternatives to the residents of roadway County.

Our Staff’s Dedication come Respectful Care

A funeral, or memorial service, should carry out family members and also loved ones through the opportunity to reflect, remember, and also celebrate a life well-lived. Our goal is to develop exceptional services and experiences that fulfill the wishes of your loved one. Our skilled Funeral Directors carry out guidance ~ above the an essential first procedures toward healing.

Mark MusgroveConsultant

Mark is a native Oregonian, attend the university of Oregon, and also graduated from san Francisco university of Mortuary science in 1981. Mark and also his wife Diane stayed in Florence for 3 years and also together regulated Riverside Chapel. Mark is a Mason, a member the Scottish Rite and the Shrine and has served on the board of Oregon Club. He has served as president of Siuslaw Lions Club, lane Memorial Blood Bank, the Eugene active 20/30 Club, roadway Leaders Association, Eugene/Springfield Oregon Club. He served as chairman of the Oregon Funeral director in 1996-1997, together Oregon"s representative to the national Funeral director Association"s (NFDA) plan Board, and also as chairman the NFDA"s Constitution and also Bylaws Committee.

In 1997, he was the an initial funeral director in Oregon to it is in awarded the designation the Certified Funeral organization Practitioner (C.F.S.P.) by the Academy of expert Funeral business Practice. C.F.S.P. Is funeral service" s national individual recognition. He to be the 1st Oregonian to serve as president of the national funeral directors Association in 2003-2004 and served top top the spiritual Heart medical Center foundation Board. Note is active with the Eugene Downtown Rotary, Children’s miracle Network, and also is at this time serving on the Tri-Pass Board, Eugene energetic 20/30 structure Board, and also Eugene executive Association Board.

Jeffrey MusgroveConsultant

Jeff was born and raised in Eugene. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in organization Management from the university of Oregon and an combine of Arts degree from the mountain Francisco university of Mortuary Science. That earned the designation that Certified Funeral company Practitioner (C.F.S.P.) by the Academy of skilled Funeral company Practice. The is past President that the Oregon Funeral directors Association and serves on your Board of Directors. He likewise serves ~ above the plank of director of the Eugene Mission, Lions Visiongift, the Funeral company Agency, and also is the Oregon Representative top top the nationwide Funeral directors Association plan Board.

He is energetic in his church and also is previous President of the Eugene active 20/30 Club, the Eugene Downtown Lions Club, the Oregon society of Eugene-Springfield and the Midtown business Associates. Jeff is additionally a previous member the DMORT, a federal organization that assists in the occasion of a massive fatality. Jeff and his wife, Sharon, have actually two children.

Diane MusgroveFormer Owner

Diane Musgrove to be born in san Francisco, California, thrived up in Anchorage Alaska, a graduate of the college of Oregon and also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. She has lived in Eugene, Oregon due to the fact that 1977. She married note Musgrove in 1982 and became a licensed Funeral manager in 1983. Diane and also Mark have actually two sons, Matthew and also Nicholas (Allison Tardie Musgrove) Musgrove.

Diane has actually been really active in the Eugene-Springfield community; serving together a committee member ~ above the City the Eugene companies Zone, president of Soroptimist international of Eugene,a plank member of both the Eugene Swim and also Tennis Club and also the Oregon society of Eugene-Springfield. She served two terms on the plank of planned Parenthood of southern West Oregon. Return she retired from Funeral organization in December 2019, she welcomes the opportunity to help in recommending a Musgrove Mortuary and also Cemetery Funeral Professional.

Joe SharpsArea Manager,Manager the MusgroveMortuary at West-Lawn, Funeral Director, Embalmer

Joseph E. Sharps was born and raised in Coos Bay, Oregon. In the year 2000, he i graduated from mount Hood ar College, with a level in Funeral company Education. After graduating from Mt. Hood ar College, Joe received a degree in Sociology from the university of Oregon. Prior to working for Musgrove family Mortuary, Joe taught embalming and other funeral education classes in ~ Mt. Hood ar College.

He has actually been happy married since 2009 come his wife Alexa, and in 2011, he was blessed v a kid Charlie. Joe has took pleasure in coaching his young football team, is energetic member that Eugene executive, management Association, ducks Unlimited, and Isaak Walton. While that is far from the office, the enjoys spending time through his family at their Umpqua property, whitewater rafting, backpacking, hunting, fishing, camping, and mycology.

Dustin SchroederManager because that Springfield Memorial Garden & Funeral Home, Funeral Director, Embalmer

Randy valve Leuven prospered up outside of Redding, CA. In 2004 he i graduated from Chico State University v a Bachelor"s level in health and wellness Sciences and also in 2005 he graduated from the Mortuary Science program at American river College in Sacramento, CA. Randy moved from California to Eugene in 2005 once he began his apprenticeship as a Funeral Director and also Embalmer at Poole-Larsen Funeral Home. He operated there for nearly two years prior to making a career readjust to banking for the following two years. That left banking and also returned come funeral service, at some point joining the employee of Musgrove Mortuaries and Cemeteries in 2015. That is married and has three children. Randy is a member the the Church the Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints. That enjoys city hall his kids play soccer, backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting and many other outdoor activities.

Deanna K. Harbison was born and raised in Reno/Sparks, Nevada. The household moved to a little town in the Sierra Nevada hills where she i graduated from Loyalton High School, Loyalton, CA. She attended san Francisco university of Mortuary Science, graduating in October 1991 with a degree in Mortuary Science. She offered her apprenticeship in Seaside, Monterey just area, California and she has actually retained she California Embalmer’s license. Following her apprenticeship, she transferred to Springfield, Oregon. She invested 10 year serving the families of roadway County working for a Springfield funeral home, before joining the staff of Musgrove Mortuaryand Cemeteryin December 2005 as a funeral director/embalmer and location leader.

She is a mommy of three and a grams of one. She has actually volunteered for the roadway County ar Attorney’s Office in your 24 hour Crime Victims and also Survivors business Unit because that 1 ½ years; clever Reader regimen for 3 years; and as a girl reconnaissance leader for the Girl Scouts of western Rivers Council because that 7 years. Dee is a previous President the the Springfield Kiwanis Club and also helped with safety and security Town, a Kindergartner awareness program, Fire & Life safety and security Fair in ~ Alton Baker Park and also the children Celebration at Day Island Park. Dee is a existing member and also Past president of the Emerald realm Kiwanis Club; society Advisor because that North Eugene High School vital Club; member the the order of the east Star (OES) Cascade thing #155 in Springfield; and a volunteer for agree Bone-O, a cost-free homeless veterinarian clinic. She is likewise a member the the Church that Jesus Christ that Latter-day Saints and a diehard 49ers and also Notre Dame Fighting irish fan. Over the last decade, she expanded her horizon to appreciate U that O Duck athletics, attending numerous Basketball games at Mathew article Arena v her daughter. She enjoys spending time v family and also friends, camping, painting, crafts, reading, family members reunions and also trips come the coast.

Erik Wiklund to be born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. In 2010 he graduated from Milwaukee Area technological College, v a degree in Mortuary Science. Before working for MusgroveMortuary, Erik functioned for number of funeral residences in Madison as well as Albuquerque, new Mexico. That enjoys woodworking, camping, music and art.

Shannon martin Wilson is a Funeral Director and also Administrator. She was born and raised in lane County, in a little town just exterior of Eugene, Oregon. She perfect high school and started a family. Shannon to be a continue to be at house mom if her children were young, then began working as soon as they started school.

She previously functioned as a hairdresser for ten years, a Daycare Provider because that ten years and An Administrator for a hardwood Mill for 5 years. She has functioned in the Funeral service as an Administrator and also Funeral Director for 15 years. She got her company degree indigenous the college of Phoenix. She is the mother of 4 children and has five grandchildren.

Shannon loves spending time through her family and friends, cooking, music, to dance & watching football. These room her favorite hobbies and since purchasing a home has taken up garden work. She specifically loves The OregonDucks.

She loves people, particularly helping people. She enjoys her occupational with Musgrove teams and also finds it really rewarding, therefore the funeral business is a great fit for her.

Michelle Carrillo had actually her very first introduction come the funeral industry while serving together a Sexton for the satisfied Hill Pioneer Cemetery in satisfied Hill, Oregon (2014 -2018). It was here that she uncovered her enthusiasm for help others. Recognize an opportunity to join a local funeral home, she served her apprenticeship in ~ a funeral home in Springfield, Oregon (2016 - 2019).

In 2018, she deserve both a funeral director license and also life insurance allowance license, help to guide families through the struggles of to plan funerals at your time of need and also preparing for the future. Michelle joined the Musgrove team January that 2020. While she has never watched her me in this function before, she can not take into consideration doing something else.

“It is rewarding beyond native to help a household at your most breakable state, and guide them with the funeral business process.”

Rachael Dupret was born and raised in Eugene Oregon and also graduated native Springfield high school. She is currently in her second year the a Mortuary scientific research Associates level at Texas commonwealth Institute for Funeral Service and also will graduate in December to be a fully licensed funeral director and embalmer. Rachael has worked for for 2 years now and has learned so much around serving families and also helping them v a difficult time the a lost of a love one. As soon as she is not helping family members Rachael enjoys safety time exterior with she 8 year old child Jackson and Khan she 5 year old chihuahua.

Connie Lou loose was born and raised below in Eugene, Oregon and also went come Thurston High School. She has actually one daughter and also 4 grandchildren. She was a continue to be at residence mom when her daughter was little then began working in the restaurant business. In 1986 she relocated to Boise, Idaho with her daughter and became a manager for a well dining restaurant called Edwards Restaurant ~ above Chinden Blvd. Later she ended up being a actual Estate agent in Boise and she really delighted in selling genuine estate. While in Boise, Idaho she enjoyed golfing, although not very an excellent at it, water parks and also fine dining dinners. She appreciated vacationing, has actually been come Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Florida, Bahamas, Island that St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and also Las Vegas. In 1999 she moved ago to Eugene, Oregon wherein she would certainly be closer to her family and enjoy her grandchildren. She walk to work for Gateway Medical and also was a medical insurance claims analyst till 2008, when she join the Musgrove Team. She go from sit behind a computer screen every day long, electronically billing insurance money companies, to helping households whom have actually lost a love one and also helping families who want to arrangement in advance for their last arrangements, is life insurance allowance licensed. This to be a very good fit for as she very much enjoys help families.

She fully enjoyed walking to all of her grandson’s wrestling matches and also football games when he was in high college where he ended up being a triple crown champion in wrestling. He received a 5 year complete ride scholarship from Portland State University, for this reason she took pleasure in going come every among his soccer games. In 2016 she lost her 22 year old grandson, so all football gamings ended. This to be a very an overwhelming time because that her, however life has to go on. So here she is 12 years, v honor, still working at Musgrove’s. She is a vast Duck fan!!

Tom was raised and attended college in Eugene. After 25 years, he retired from Consumer products Company, Procter & Gamble wherein he regulated multiple service units in ~ corporate head headquarters because that both retail and wholesale distributors in the Pacific Northwest. Tom to be inducted in come the to exclude, P&G Chairman"s society for outstanding service results. ~ retirement, he moved to Arizona whereby he served as a consultant to a family members owned private consumer Products company as well together working v a Taiwan based modern technology Company. He returned to Eugene in 2005 and also in 2006 he started a family owned DNA testing business Company. His company provides a complete menu the DNA exam for exclusive individuals, legislation enforcement agencies, hospitals, clinical clinics, social organizations and also private investigators. He has presented DNA testing for paternity and also other family members relationship trial and error to members that the Oregon State Bar, and also Family law attorneys.

In 2010, Tom join the staff at Musgrove"s as a Family service Advisor. His passion is offer families; assisting them in ~ time that need and helping pre plan their funeral and cemetery arrangements. Tom is a member of Eugene Faith center Church and also a former member of the Eugene chamber of Commerce. Tom is married through 3 get an impressive children and also 5 grandchildren. In his off time, Tom has actually run multiple Eugene Butte-Butte 10k runs, a Eugene half-marathon, enjoys adhering to the Oregon duck men and also women"s strong teams, traveling to the Oregon coast, golf, and also spending time with his family.

Tammy Snader to be born and raised in Ohio wherein she met she husband Todd while functioning as a firefighter/EMT. They relocated to Oregon as soon as her husband Todd joined the employee at Bowtech Archery and also they absolutely love that here. Tammy and Todd have actually have two sons, Travis and Trenton. Tammy functioned as a medical transcriptionist for plenty of years before taking a few years turn off to raise your her boys. She join the staff at as a Funeral home Administrator in respectable of 2010 and is currently the command Administrator for In her cost-free time, Tammy enjoys watching her sons play sports, archery, cooking, and crafting.

Ivy Gottschalk to be born in Colorado and grew increase in the four-corners area of the Southwest. She learned Biology and Botany at northern Arizona University and also has worked in audit and small business administration for many years. When in Flagstaff she was a member the Flagstaff Artists’ Coalition and worked come promote neighborhood art transparent the community and local elementary school Schools. She relocated come Oregon in 2013 and joined the Musgrove team in 2018. She has two daughters and enjoys hiking, back-packing, fishing, and gardening.

Karyn began at Springfield Memorial Gardens and also Funeral residence in 1995. She started her job in the funeral industry in southern California at the prestigious forest Lawn Mortuary and also Cemetery 36 year ago.

She works as the command Funeral Home and also Cemetery Administrator.

Theresa Isaksen has actually been a part of the Musgrove’s team due to the fact that 2003 as a part time all approximately helper and also care team leader. Born and also raised in Oregon and she graduated from north Eugene High School and also went to college, yet briefly, in Seattle. She married she sweetheart, George, in 1978 and have live happily ever after, as they say.

Before authorized the work force she to be a continue to be at residence mom with four kids and part time singer. She became full time in 2004 together an apprentice embalmer and funeral director.Now her days work-related is varied and entails producing video tributes and personalized folders because that services, assisting through services, planning the receptions because that families, making the end of city trips and also keeping every the funeral homes and care facility supplied with things required to duty seamlessly. It has been a financially rewarding job not just in the help the funeral directors through their plenty of duties but likewise the opportunity to assist families with the challenge of losing a love one. She takes proud in she work and also looks for every opportunity to make positive contributions everything the occasion. In she spare time, she loves come walk her dog, sing on the praise team of she church, spend time with her wonderful grandsons and travel v her husband that 42 years.

Eric has worked for the Musgrove Funeral house for practically 20 years. As the Grounds Superintendent, he keeps every one of our cemetery grounds beautifully maintained, so households can enjoy polished lawns, it s as beautiful as picture views, and also wildlife when visiting their lost loved ones.Eric relocated to Oregon from phibìc Carolina in the so late 80s and also began working in the cemetery industry. Once he’s no working, Eric spends many of his time outdoors. The enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting in his complimentary time.

After graduating native High institution in 1989 I gone into an apprenticeship routine for service in the sleeve industry. I began working at a grocery retail store and also attended the institution of service parallel. After three years I acquired my Associates level in Business. In 1992 ns went indigenous the grocery market into the the Department v the same agency and became a team lead because that scanner installations in the grocery store stores. In 1998 I determined to relocate to the State that Oregon where few of my family members members live. I started a career through a coporation, group based in Idaho and also worked my way into middle monitoring where I ended up being a supervisor. While with the corporation, ns was moved to various stores in different states. My project duties included yet not minimal to supervising the store and operating a forklift. Controlling the receiving department because that over three years. Further, ns was top the freight crew and duties native training employees, trouble solving and bringing my best practice options to the team. I wrote schedules, ordered products, stocked shelves, inventory control, set up store displays and an altering them out for various other products, cash handling including save safe counts and customer service.

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In 2019 my wife and also I transferred back to Oregon state and also ended my job after 19 ½ year of committed service. I applied with the Musgrove Mortuary because that my lifelong dream of functioning in the funeral industry and also was rental on as a Team lead Night Attendant. The cultivate I had received contained the FirstCall measures and additionally I took on the operation of our crematory.