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Hi everybody! Hiroko here. Welcome to absolute Beginner questions Answered by Hiroko, wherein I’ll answer few of *your* most usual Japanese questions.
The inquiry for this class is… What"s the difference in between ONEGAI SHIMASU and also KUDASAI?
When you want a bottle of water, you have the right to use both “mizu o onegai shimasu” and also “mizu o kudasai”. But, are they specifically the same? can you use them interchangeably all the time?
Both "kudasai“ and also "onegai shimasu" are provided when do a inquiry for items. "Kudasai" complies with the object and the fragment "o", choose “mizu o kudasai.”
"Onegai shimasu" have the right to be replaced with "kudasai" when you want an object. It sound a little an ext polite than using ‘kudasai’. For this reason you can say, “mizu o onegai shimasu.”
However, there are some situations when only "onegai shimasu" is used.
First, once you are making a inquiry for service. For example, when you ask a taxi driver to drive to Shinjuku station, you have to say “Shinjuku eki do onegai shimasu”. In this case “Shinjuku eki make kudasai” no make any type of sense.
Second, as soon as you space asking for someone on the phone. Because that example, girlfriend would choose to speak to Tomoko on the phone. However, she father answers. In this case you need to say “Tomoko san o onegai shimasu”. If girlfriend say, “Tomoko-san o kudasai,” instead, that sounds choose a proposal the marriage, favor “do you enable me to marry Tomoko?”.
For make requests the involve one action, you must use “kudasai” after the te-form the a verb. "Onegaishimasu" can not be offered in this case. Because that example, “matte kudasai” which method “please wait” is a exactly sentence. However, “matte onegaishimasu” is never ever used.

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I expect this provides sense to you and you’re maybe to use "onegaishimasu” and “kudasai” correctly from currently on!.
Do you have actually any an ext questions? leaving them in the comment below and I’ll shot to prize them!