Hey :+1: . I\"m Marco. This day I\"ll be to teach you the Japanese words for \"not\" in different forms of politeness. I\"ll additionally be explaining part rules you need to do once using these.

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This part is still an extremely basic. Perform you find it difficult? You might not have seen the previous blogs of my Japanese for Beginners series.



Ja nai and also de wa arimasen

Suki method like in Japanese. We\"ll get to Japanese fragment \"ga\" in the next few lessons. As have the right to be seen over \"suki ja nai desu\" way don\"t choose it or don\"t prefer in English. If we remove \"ja nai\", the will instantly mean \"like it or like\" in English.

Neko wa ja nai desu

It\"s not a cat

Above, the sentence means It\"s no a cat since of ja nai. If we simply want come say it is a cat. We don\"t say Neko wa desu. It will certainly be grammatically wrong. If we desire to speak it\"s a cat, we simply say neko desu. Why? mental desu can mean \"it is\". Therefore we use desu. Speak Neko desu in Japanese is like saying Cat it is in Japanese.

Sono inu wa kawaii ja nai desu

That cat is not cute


Ja nai is supplied in the instance above. What does that mean? The sentence should automatically mean negative. Ja nai, in English means \"not\" is found at the end of a sentence. The sentence is saying that that dog is no cute. There is no ja nai, because that example, the sentence would average that dog is cute. Gain it?

Watashi wa Mikaera ja nai desu

I am not Mikaela

Ja nai makes every sentence negative. Ja nai is supplied in informal sentences such as soon as talking to friends. If you want to it is in a polite person, ypu have the right to replace ja nai with de wa arimasen.

Watashi wa Mikaera dewa arimasen

I am not Mikaela


Ja nai and also de wa arimasen mean specifically the same thing. The just difference between them is the de wa arimasen is an ext polite 보다 usual. Therefore, because de wa arimasen is currently polite, desu is not added anymore.

Watashi wa ja nai desu

I\"m not

I\"m not in polite Japanese may seem long to say compared to English \"I\"m not\". That\"s why a number of Japanese world are simplifying your grammar by making use of a mixture of polite and also informal words come lessen the moment saying something. In addition, an extremely very very formal and also polite Japanese sound an extremely unnatural and also weird. Part Japanese people may also laugh once you talk this way.

Anata wa ja nai desu

You\"re not


If you readjust watashi to anata, instead of I\"m not, the will average you\"re not. Again, once you space talking to friends in unshened speech, desu will be left out (removed). Desu will median nothing if you speak it alone. Words should be added next come it, climate the definition will prevail. If you want to to speak it\"s not, usage this phrase.

Ja nai desu

It\"s not

However, friend can\"t say desu to say it is. That would certainly be an extremely ingrammatically wrong, unnatural and unnecessarily weird. If this is the case, you desire to speak \"it is so\", \"that\"s right\", or \"not wrong\", usage mama desu or sou desu.

Mama desu

It is so/ it is right

Sou desu

It is right/It is so

A clue to remember castle is \"sou\" i m sorry sounds favor so in English. Literally, sou desu way so the is. Same uses for mama desu. In informal speech, we leave the end desu. Mama go not always mean it\"s right. Periodically it has different meanings based upon how you used it.

Anata wa dewa arimasen

You space not

If we desire to it is in polite, dewa arimasen should be used. For example, once you\"re talking to the president. In polite or not blocked speech, girlfriend can likewise mix them up: ja arimasen, dewa nai.

Anata wa ja arimasen

You\"re not

Watashi wa dewa nai

I\"m not

Anata wa dewa arimasen

You\"re not

Watashi wa ja nai

I\"m not

Watashi wa dewa arimasen

I\"m not

Watashi wa ja arimasen

I\"m not

Anata wa ja nai

You\"re not

Anata wa dewa nai

You\"re not


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There is additionally ku nai

Sometimes they speak that

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angelo_marco79 writer

:open_mouth: ns didn\"t know that. Thanks! I\"ve searched that up and also I\"ll put it in the following blog together an additional! :smile:

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Janai desu....

As far as ns know, an unfavorable \"to be\" is Janai/Dewanai, gift Janai the Tokyo version of Dewanai.

For formalities, Nai is conjugated into masu type (arimasen) and also used together a verb.

That desu in ~ the end is new. Very interesting!

Read an ext
angelo_marco79 writer

Thanks! It provides the sentence more polite. Since sometimes desu is a verb, occasionally nothing, occasionally a linking verb and also sometimes is supplied for courtesy :smile: .

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