If girlfriend can call someone and say, “The dialed number is not assigned,” it has actually two meanings.

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The operator is no assigned a number, or the provider is given, but the subscriber is not.

Each nation has a number manager whose task is to entrust number block to providers. The provider then offers the number to the user indigenous the number block.

Unassigned way no owner or user because that a mentioned number. The administrator has actually assigned it to the provider, but the provider has actually not set it come the user.

The number walk exist however is not provided because any user does no subscribe come it.

Why would certainly someone use an unallocated number?

Most human being in business use unassigned or unallocated numbers. The telephone agency allows castle this because that free.

When the telephone company makes a call, they get a specific portion of the call charge.

Why walk I gain a speak to from one unallocated number?

Whenever you obtain a contact from one unallocated number, make sure it is spam. Who calls you end an web Protocol phone, and also they can use any kind of number castle like.

They have the right to even get in your number. Call numbers are spoofed, and be conscious of these types of calls.

Wrong or incorrect number

It is the most evident reason you receive a call interception message, such together “You have not dialed.” you should inspect the number to make certain you space calling the right recipient.

Because it is difficult to reach the claimed number if a solitary number is missing or exchanged. If you obtained a number indigenous someone, they do a failure on the number they offered you.

The spoof number

If you contact the number staying on her caller’s ID, say that you space unavailable as soon as you call.

You are likely to be getting to a fraudulent phone number, therefore the “you have actually not dialed the number is no shared” call obstacle message.

Spoofed phone call numbers room software-generated phone call numbers supplied by spammers, telemarketers, protocols, and scammers.

They do the caller look favor an actual number, so world are more likely come answer those calls. This way, girlfriend don’t have actually to worry or interact with them.

Unpaid bills of phone

If friend don’t pay her phone bills and also the network provider cancels your phone plans.

You will obtain a “Do no Share Dial” call obstacles message as soon as others shot to speak to you if the caller is listening to an interception message while calling you.

You will want to testimonial your plan to make certain you are up to date with payments.

Temporary network issues

If you call a number frequently, you receive a blog post that the number is not common when you contact it once. The can reason some problem on the part of the network provider.

I got the very same thing once talking come the recipient less than 20 minutes before I do the efforts calling.I waited because that a while and reset the number, and it associated without problems.

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Fix 1: contact Support

If the caller receives a call interception message, girlfriend recommend the you speak to your network provider first.

Suppose you space paid for the bills and do not receive a call.

There is a trouble with her mobile operator, and you should be able to resolve the issue.

Fix 2: Delete the number and also read

If girlfriend have dubbed in the past, you likely make a mistake in the number girlfriend called.Delete the number native your an equipment and dail top top the call without saving to watch if the number passes.You might accidentally add, replace or delete a conserved number.

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Fix 3: inspect the Google Voice settings

If Google Voice screens a contact interception blog post that says, “The dialed number is nir assigned,” the complying with fixes work.

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Go to the Google Voice settings page, make certain your Google Voice phone call number is at the height of the settings.Go here to find for your mobile operator, get in your phone call number, and also Make certain your phone call is correct.Also, go to the Google Voice account recovery page and try recovering with your number to view if you get a blog post from Google.

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