chevere in community Dictionary This term concerned Puerto Rico with the Venezuelan TV novelas (detergent operas) i beg your pardon were popular in "60 and also 70. It yielded to Venezuelan because of the African servants of west Coast country of Nigeria. It really is from Ibo people while the literal translation from "che ebere" is god"s mercy. by FannyReport meaning The nearest definition is "bitchen", except it normally does not have a lame or gaybob organization of consumption like "bitchen" does. It can additionally be always say "cool", inside much less emphatic consumption, yet its usual usage is emphatic and, even though it is frequently used emphatically there is no "que" (meaning "how"), its typically used v "que" to state "Que chevere!" -- this is certainly, "just just how bitchen!"I don"t know around the beginning, yet it"s typical in Peru. through NamReport meaning its slang because that "cool" in spanish. by Yessenia MitraReport definition Palabra calificativa usada por los caleños (Cali, Colombia) con el fin de referirse a una posición positiva acerca de una situación agradable, o con la que sienten empatía. through PatriciaReport an interpretation a well known appearance offered by Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans as well as other Latinos as an affirmative, acclamationof approval. by AshaReport an interpretation This term gets the share connotation that "good/cool" and also may be applied in virtually any framework that civilization two terms deserve to be utilized. It have the right to be used much less emphatically together a happen comment particularly "Terminaste tu tarea? Chevere." (You completed your work? Good." Or it may be claimed much an ext emphatically to truly have actually the connotation of "great/awesome" such as for circumstances "Ganaste el juego? Chevere!" (You winner the game? Great!). Additionally, that is quite typical to use the emphatic expression "Que chevere!" to indicate "how great!" or "how awesome!". Regarding its origins, it derives v the afri therefore in addition to because of respect towards Venezuelans and Puerto Ricans the have currently posted (i"m Puerto Rican), the expression was virtually certainly popularized first-in CUBA in i m sorry Afro-Caribbean tradition had been strongest. Including, her message had actually been provided in extremely early on rumba/mambo song (e.g. Guaguanco Callejero) so long as we had taped research. Cuba was the initial major exporter that Afro-Caribbean legacy on Spanish-speaking human being (and certainly towards world), as such it ended up being from Mambo song played on the radio that word most most likely disseminated to the well-known tradition. The key reason why the word might related come Puerto Rico an ext now can be that due to the fact that the 60"s - ~ Cuba became cut-off with the world - Puerto Rico became the main proponent that Afro-Caribbean society (and includes itself already been surpassed within the last couple of decade or two by the Dominican Republic). I m really sorry Venezuelans, however to my expertise Venezuela has actually not currently been a major exporter the Afro-Caribbean heritage to your remaining globe.

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by Deetta BrinnReport meaning It"s in reality a native of Colombian beginning this is absolutely now-being uncovered in miscellaneous nations that Latin America. It shows cool! through Rubie MinaReport definition