In French, what’s the difference in between parce que, car, en effet, and also puisque? numerous students have aproblem in between these words due to the fact that they are used in very similar situations, so I’ll sell a fast explanation!

Parce Que

Parce que introduce a reason or reason. It’s additionally less formal and an ext universally welcomed as the English indistinguishable for the wordbecause. Parce que has the capacity to begin a sentence i beg your pardon is something you can’t carry out with car.

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Take a look in ~ a couple of example sentences utilizing parce que:

La pomme? Je l’ai mangée parce que j’avais faim.The apple? ns ate it because I was hungry.Parce qu’elle est mignonne, elle gagne to add que Pauline.Because she is cute, she earns an ext than Pauline.


Caris a justification or explanation that something. The is definitely much more formal 보다 parce que and also is written an ext than spoken. In English this can be analyzed into foror because.

Méfie-toi automobile il est violent.Be wary because that he is violent.


Puisque can replace both parce que and car however its intake implies the the fact is already known or really obvious. In English, puisque is finest represented by words “since,” and it can start a sentence.

Vous ne pouvez pas l’acheter puisqu’il n’y a pas assez d’argent!You can’t to buy it because (since) over there isn’t enough money!

Puisqu’il y a une grève, il n’est pas nécessaire que vous alliez au travail.Since there’s a strike, it’s not necessary to concerned work.(À cause de la grève = as result of the strike, could likewise work)

En Effet

In details situations this word can loosely average “because”.En effet introduces a confirmation. It’s translated to in fact.

Elle n’a pas mangé votre barre de chocolat, en effet, elle est allergique au chocolat.She didn’t eat your cacao bar, because she’s allergy to chocolate.

En effet is comparable to the phrase, en fait, which i highlighted in my article: 25 French Slang Words you Don’t learn in French Class.

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There you go there’s the difference between parce que, car, puisque and also en effet in French! inquiries or comments can be posted below without any type of special subscription required.