The Catholic confidence liturgy follows its very own unique collection of religious rituals and traditions which are part of the Catholic fixed Order. Together a member the the Catholic Faith, you probably observed few of these practices which include sitting, standing and also kneeling throughout mass. Therefore why do we carry out these things and also what carry out they signify?


To far better understand the meaning behind the physical gestures that us perform during the Catholic Mass, we must keep in mental two simple elements of the Catholic fixed Order.

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During the mass, the priest is not just leading the celebration of the Eucharist, he is exhilaration the duty of Jesus.

As Jesus, that leads us to execute the various gestures, traditions and also rituals the are component of the Catholic mass Order. This is why we sit and also stand when the priest sits and also stands. This is also the factor why altar servers and also other clergymans bow once they technique the celebrating priest. In this means they are showing reverence to Christ that is represented by the priest.


Another essential thing that we have to understand around the Catholic mass is the Jesus is current in the consecrated Eucharist. This is in accordance to the doctrine of transubstantiation which says that the bread and wine come to be Jesus at a particular point throughout the Mass. The bread and also wine retain your appearance but are in reality transformed into the body and blood that Christ.

At the start of every mass, we begin in a sitting position. Sitting is considered the base position of worship. This is the position from i m sorry we deserve to stand and kneel. We sit when we are listening to the very first two readings during Mass i m sorry is based upon the Lectionary.

We additionally sit under after the Gospel reading, focused and attentively absorbing the homily. We continue to be while wait for the Eucharistic facets to be prepared, a very meaningful gesture due to the fact that we expectantly wait and rise once the monk is ready.

The Catholic massive starts with the Penitential act which happens appropriate after the priest walks down to the sanctuary. During this part of the Catholic mass Order, us acclaim the Kyrie Eleison by saying “Lord, have actually mercy.”

The Kyrie Eleison is an old Christian heritage in which we confess our sinfulness come our Almighty Father and to our fellow Christians. This is in compliance to the new Testament command for us to admit our sins to one another.


During the Kyrie Eleison and most prayers throughout Mass, Catholics stand up. Standing has actually been considered the suitable position for prayer because before Christ’s time. When we stand, we are following this centuries old tradition.

Standing is likewise a basic but profound way of honoring and respecting Jesus that is stood for by the priest throughout Mass. During the very first two readings the the Bible, we room seated and also listening yet during the Gospel reading, we stand up.

The Gospel is words of God and to hear these is a an excellent honor which is why us ascend from our base position of worship. Us stand to identify the meaning of hear God’s very own words.

During the reading of the gospel, we make a little sign that the cross using our thumb on ours forehead, lips and over ours hearts. This simple act is a symbolic request for God to admire His native upon ours minds, lips and also heart.

When the monk is done analysis the Gospel, that will show respect come the indigenous of God by kissing the Gospel and then begin his homily. After ~ the homily, us stand approximately recite our either the Nicene Creed or Apostle’s Creed as a profession of Faith.


Kneeling is the most humble way of worshipping God throughout Mass. Once we kneel, we completely submit and surrender ourselves to our Heavenly Father. We kneel throughout several parts of the Mass.

After the profession of Faith, we spend the remainder of the massive on our knees. This is an incredible act that faith and also devotion since when us kneel, we identify that Jesus is really coming. In light of the theory of transubstantiation, we kneel to recognize Jesus’ existence in the Eucharistic elements after the priest states the Eucharistic Prayers.

As us kneel during the rest of the Mass, the monk will carry out a number of meaningful gestures. One gesture is the authorize of the overcome which the priest will do at different parts the the Mass, a prayer inquiry for Christ come come and aid strengthen us with His gifts. He will make the sign of the cross end the elements and proclaim “This is my body,” and “This is mine blood” end the bread and also wine.

Once the bread and wine space consecrated, the priest and also the people celebrating through him will certainly kneel in prior of the aspects to refer reverence. The rest of united state will rise again when the Lord’s Prayer and the authorize of tranquility are said.

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The mass is rich v meaning, every element and gesture to represent something profound and beautiful. When we understand these different meanings and take them come heart, each minute we spend throughout Mass will absolutely become much more transformative and also nourishing come our souls.