A pair is a set of two points of the same form that are used together.What do you contact a collection of three such things?What around four, five, etc.?

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Three: Triplet, trio, triad, or three-of-a-kindFour, five, six: Quartet, quintet, sextet. Note that these words room uncommon and sound quirky or formal.


It"s safe to speak to "a collection of three" or everything number girlfriend want. Why? since if the paper definition is not clear, it may sound odd.

Here is the list of, because that example, set of "three" in miscpiersonforcongress.comaneous cases. Keep in mind that because that each condition, the word is different. If for three kids ceded it"s triplet, for a map game, it would be "trio." Furthermore, in cricket, it"d it is in "hatrick" once three batsmen are out; "trilogy" for a tri-series movie.

So, again, to it is in on a safer side, speak to "set that " once the paper definition is not clear. Say, girlfriend buy a set of three shelves from some store.


Threesomes. They to speak pairings in golf (sometimes twosomes) once there room two in a group. They need to come up with a similar word when there"s three. My pointer is triplings.



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What do you call a movie v the very same name in the same franchise, yet not a direct sequel and set in a various universe or timeline?

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