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The novel starts with Nick Carraway introducing himself to the reader, commenting upon the concept of romanticism, and then turning his memories come a secret someone called Gatsby . Nick recalls Gatsby as having possessed \"an especially gift for hope, a romantic readiness\" greater than any kind of Nick had ever encountered...

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The novel begins with Nick Carraway presenting himself to the reader, commenting ~ above the concept of romanticism, and also then turning his memories come a secret someone named Gatsby. Nick recalls Gatsby as having actually possessed \"an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness\" higher than any kind of Nick had ever encountered and also never meant to find again. He then provides this attractive observance:

No--Gatsby turned out all ideal at the end; it was what preyed top top Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his desires that in the interim closed out my attention in the abortive sorrows and also short-winded elations that men.

The i acts as a really effective rigid hook in the novel\"s beginning, increasing several inquiries for the reader: In what way did Gatsby revolve out \"all right\"? in ~ the end of what? What dangerous pressure \"preyed\" top top Gatsby developing \"foul dust\" in relation to his dreams? What might have happened that influenced Nick so deeply the he was no longer interested in others\" pain and brief happiness? The stare hook creates mystery.

Before informing the story that his experience with Gatsby, however, Nick continues to tell the reader more about himself, his Midwestern background, and also the Carraway family. The mentions his university education and his having gone to human being War I. He explains why that left house to walk to the East and begin a career in finance.

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This component of the introductory ar is really important since it creates Nick\"s character; he is a responsible young male from a classic family of number of generations rooted in Midwestern values. For this reason when Nick resides in new York, he is one outsider observing a different culture, city hall it and also eventually evaluate people and events through the prism the his own Midwestern ethical code. The contrast in between the East and also the Midwest/West features as an essential motif in the novel, and also its major themes space rooted in it.