When Dumbledore and Harry go to get the horcrux locket, it's at the bottom of a small basin filled with a potion that must be drunk. Dumbledore begs for Harry to stop giving it to him, but he has to keep drinking it. After finishing all of the potion, Dumbledore is still able to perform incredible magic and seems mostly coherent when they return to Hogwarts. What was the potion that it had very little lasting effects?


IIRC, it's called Emerald potion. From what I read in the textbooks it causes fear, forgetfulness, stomach pain and thirst. Because the boat was only able to carry one adult wizard the plan was after the first couple sips the victim would try to drink out of the lake. This would activate the Inferi (spelling?) Who would drag them to their deaths.

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Or worse. Remember that among Snape's paintings of the effects of various dark magics and creatures, the "provoking an Inferius" portrait displays basically nothing but a smear on the pavement.

The potion wasn't made to poison you forever, the potion was made to guard something. The idea is you have to drink to get whatever it's inside, but by doing so you'll be weak, which would make you an easy target for a guard that would be in the same room

But Volds didn't read the guidelines very well, so he used it a bit differently: he put it on an island and made a boat that would ferry only one person to said island. The idea being that no one person would be able to drink the whole potion and because said person would have to be alone, his treasure would always be secure

This, Voldemort didn't understand the concept of friendship and teamwork. He only has servants, one's he values more than others but not as deep a connection Dumbledore and Harry had.

That wasn't Voldemort's defense.

The potion does two things incredibly well: it makes you unable to think rationally, and it makes you incredibly thirsty. The lake filled with Inferi was the defense mechanism, the potion was just the enabler.

As I understand it, if you drink the whole potion the effects abate somewhat. I think what happens is that the potion desires to remain whole, and so will constantly try to return to itself if separated. Drinking the potion leads to the parts in you to actively seek the parts outside of you, eventually leading to death. By drinking the whole quantity, the negative effects of the potion stop.

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This is a really good explanation. It somewhat answers the question why they couldn't just throw it into the lake which was my issue with it since forever. The potion would have simply returned into the basin.


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