Prepare for the CAHSEE! The complying with links space California room of education and learning CAHSEE Student study Guides for Math and also ELA.

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These space the PowerPoints that have actually been supplied in class to aid with CAHSEE prep.
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read chapters 21-22 in Bless Me, Ultima. Finish the study concerns for chapters 21-22. Fastened is the vocabulary because that chapters 21-22.

Chapters 21-22 (Veintiuno-Veintidós) research Questions

1. What did Cico phone call Antonio about God/gods?

2. What walk Cico to speak Antonio"s choice was?

3. What taken place when the boys saw tell Florence around the golden carp?

4. What go Antonio dream about that night?

5. What go Ultima and Antonio"s parents decision he need to do because that the summer?

6. When Antonio and also his father were talking on the way to El Puerto, Gabriel make an unexplained statement. What to be it?

7. What walk Gabriel say knowledge was?

8. What trouble emerged in the town later on in the summer?

9. What walk the uncles arrangement to do?

10. What taken place to Antonio on his means back to his Grandfather"s house, and what was the result?

11. What walk Antonio realize about Ultima"s owl?

12. What happened just as Antonio reached his home?

13. What did Ultima ask Antonio to perform for her?

14. What walk Antonio think abut the upcoming mass of the dead and also burial for Ultima?

read chapters 18-20 in Bless Me, Ultima. Finish study questions for chapters 18-20. Enclosed is the vocabulary because that chapters 18-20.

Chapters 18-20 (Dieciocho-Veinte) research Questions

1. That haunted Antonio"s nightmares, and also why?

2. What did Samuel think would make things much easier for Florence?

3. Describe the occasions that occurred when Antonio to be on his means to church because that his first confession.

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4. Florence said he had actually not sinned, yet had to be sinned against. Who had actually sinned against him, and also how?

5. What go Antonio suppose to happen after the made his first communion, and also what yes, really did happen?

6. What did Antonio perform every weekend ~ Easter, and also what to be the result?

7. Define the curse on the family members near Agua Negra.

8. What to be the cause of the curse, according to Ultima?

9. Just how did Ultima remove the curse?

10. What to be Antonio"s dream about the night they reverted from Agua Negra?

read chapters 15-17 in Bless Me, Ultima and answer the study questions. Additionally attached are the vocabulary words because that chapters 15-17.

Chapters 15-17 (Quince-Diecisiete) study Questions

1. What illness did Antonio acquire after he experienced the murder?

2. What walk María tell Antonio would happen when he made his an initial holy communion?

3. What event damaged the monotony that the storm?

4. What to be Gabriel"s solution to his sons" visit, and why?

5. What walk Andrew do as soon as León and also Eugene left?

6. What go Antonio think around much the the time?

7. What did Antonio think would aid him know his dreams and also questions?

8. Who did Antonio fulfill on the method home from school, and also what happened?

9. The civilization thought a special occasion was causing the dust storms and also harsh winter. What to be the event?

10. What was the topic of the discussion in between Florence and also Antonio in thing 17?