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sound, a mechanically disturbance native a state that equilibrium the propagates through an elastic material medium. A purely subjective definition of sound is additionally possible, as that i beg your pardon is viewed by the ear, but such a an interpretation is not particularly illuminating and is over restrictive, because that it is advantageous to speak that sounds that cannot it is in heard through the person ear, such together those the are developed by dog whistles or through sonar equipment.

The research of sound should start with the nature of sound waves. There room two straightforward types of wave, transverse and also longitudinal, distinguished by the means in i beg your pardon the tide is propagated. In a transverse wave, such as the wave generated in a extended rope when one end is wiggled ago and forth, the motion that constitutes the wave is perpendicular, or transverse, to the direction (along the rope) in which the tide is moving. An important family of transverse waves is created by electromagnetic resources such together light or radio, in i beg your pardon the electric and also magnetic areas constituting the tide oscillate perpendicular to the direction that propagation.


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Learn about the propagation of sound waves from a point source by observing the activity of a rely vibrating spring.

Sound propagates through air or other mediums as a longitudinal wave, in i m sorry the mechanical vibration constituting the wave occurs along the direction the propagation of the wave. A longitudinal wave deserve to be created in a coiled feather by squeezing several of the turns together to type a compression and also then releasing them, allowing the compression to take trip the length of the spring. Air have the right to be viewed as being written of layers analogous to such coils, with a sound tide propagating together layers of wait “push” and “pull” in ~ one another much like the compression moving down the spring.

A sound tide thus consists of alternate compressions and rarefactions, or areas of high pressure and also low pressure, moving at a specific speed. Put another way, it is composed of a regular (that is, oscillating or vibrating) sport of push occurring approximately the equilibrium push prevailing in ~ a particular time and also place. Equilibrium pressure and also the sinusoidal variations caused by i of a pure sound wave (that is, a tide of a solitary frequency) are represented in number 1A and also 1B, respectively.

Plane waves

A conversation of sound waves and their propagation can begin with an check of a aircraft wave of a solitary frequency passing v the air. A aircraft wave is a wave that propagates through an are as a plane, quite than as a round of enhancing radius. Together such, the is not perfectly representative of sound (see below Circular and spherical waves). A wave of solitary frequency would be heard as a pure sound such together that produced by a tuning fork that has actually been lightly struck. As a theoretical model, it help to elucidate plenty of of the properties of a sound wave.

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Wavelength, period, and also frequency

Figure 1C is one more representation of the sound wave depicted in number 1B. As represented by the sinusoidal curve, the pressure variation in a sound tide repeats itself in room over a certain distance. This street is known as the wavelength the the sound, generally measured in metres and also represented through λ. Together the wave propagates with the air, one full wavelength bring away a certain time period to pass a particular point in space; this period, represented by T, is usually measured in fountain of a second. In addition, during each one-second time interval, a certain variety of wavelengths happen a point in space. Well-known as the frequency that the sound wave, the number of wavelengths passing per 2nd is traditionally measure up in hertz or kilohertz and is represented by f.