Before WCW vs. NWO human being Tour, wrestling video clip games were an extremely basic. Wrestlers to be cartoony, move sets were limited and they primarily offered an arcade-like experience. For video game football player of the time, this genre of video game was fun for what the was. However, the genre absolutely was doing not have in the (dare ns say it) realism department. As a wrestling pan at the time, i was disappointed in the fact that most of the games in the genre had only a handful of characters, a single shared relocate list throughout all characters except because that finishers, and minimal use of tools (if over there were weapons at all). I want to pat a wrestling game that felt much more like i was actually playing a WWF match, fairly than play a beat-em-up that simply so happens to take place inside a wrestles ring.

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Then i played WCW vs. NWO civilization Tour.

At the moment of that is release, many review outlets walk not give WCW vs. NWO human being Tour a confident word. To it is in fair, i don’t reference them. The game had a lot of problems, i beg your pardon would ultimately be handle in future AKI-developed rings games. What the game did well though, was provide a wrestling endure that was light years beyond everything rather at the moment in terms of realism and also playability.


We take this because that granted now, but this was the first wrestling video game where wrestlers actually played somewhat favor their real-life counterparts. Besides having actually their very own finishing moves, each character’s move set was tailored to fit your style. In this game, Rey Mysterio played like Rey Mysterio and also The giant played choose The Giant. World take this because that granted now, but unique fighting styles based upon their real-life counterparts hadn’t really been excellent in this genre before. As a WCW fan, the went a long method to make the game much more enjoyable.

The other major breakthrough the came with WCW vs. NWO world Tour to be its controls. Prior to this, wrestling game controls provided you limited options in terms of moves you could do, while forcing you come mash buttons till it hurt. WCW vs. NWO fully changed the means people think about wrestling video game controls through putting an emphasis on timed attacks and also grabs. Going this route opened up the game for an ext possibilities and also less button mashing.

Pair those an excellent innovations up with 4-player out-of-the-box and also you gained yourself the start of a wrestles game transformation on the Nintendo 64. Regardless of what the critics said, the gameplay shined bright and also was funny for wrestling enthusiasts and those simply searching for a fun game to play. Throughout its prime, my friends and also I play the hell out that this game. I’ll forever have actually a ton of fond memory of all of the fight royal action we had.

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There’s no point in going earlier to this game now, together it was outclassed numerous times end by the AKI-developed wrestling games that came after this. If you’re going come hook up the N64 for some wrestling goodness, WWF No Mercy is the one to walk for. In fact, there are numerous who would argue that No Mercy is tho the best wrestling game to-date. Counting me in as a member of that camp. Through that said, the legacy this video game started still shines among the wrestles fans. Though ns haven’t followed professional wrestling in years, I’m sure that i would have actually fun v this again if i were to fire the up for old times’ sake.