Maintaining the Database
Modifying the data to keep it up to date by adding new records, changing the data because that existing records, and also deleting records.
Restructure the databaseMaintenance that a database which has adding new fields to a table, transforming the qualities of currently fields, and also removing existing fields, etc.
Split FormA form that enables you to all at once view both simple type and datasheet views of the data
FilterAllows for the ar of a details record or documents that right a certain criterion
StructureThe assignment of surname and species to every the fields
Lookup FieldAllows the user to select from a perform of values when updating the components of a field
Multivalued fieldsFields that can contain much more than one value
Calculated fieldA ar that have the right to be computed from other fields
Computed fieldCalculated field; a ar that can be computed from other fields
Action QueryA questions in i beg your pardon data in a table is added, deleted, or changed
Update QueryAllows girlfriend to make the same adjust to all records satisfying part criterion
Delete QueryAllows you come delete every one of the documents satisfying some criterion
Append QueryAdd the results of a query to an existing table
Make-Table QueryAdding the results of a query come a brand-new table
Validation RulesRules that a user should follow once entering the data
Validation TextThe article that shows up if a user make the efforts to hurt the validation rule
Required FieldA field in i m sorry the user must get in data
Range of valuesA validation dominion in which only certain values have the right to be added
Default valueA worth that access will screen on the screen in a particular field before the user begins added a record
Legal valuesValues that space only permitted in a particular field
Allowable valuesLegal values; worths that are only allowed in a details field
FormatThe means data appears in a field
Format symbolA price causes access to display screen certain species of formatting to a field
Referential integrityThe home that ensures the the worth in a foreign an essential must enhance that of an additional table’s main key
Foreign keyA field in one table whose values are compelled to match the primary key of one more table
One-to-man relationshipOne record in the an initial table is connected to, or matches, many records in the second table, but each record in the second table is connected to just one record in the an initial table
Cascade the deleteAccess permits the deletion of a record however then deletes all related records
Cascade the updateAccess allows a change, however makes the corresponding change in the foreign crucial on all associated records
SubdatasheetAllows friend to evaluation or modify data in joined or related tables