I bopiersonforcongress.comght 2 tpiersonforcongress.comrkeys critical November, v the intent to chef one in ~ Thanksgiving and the 2nd one for new Year’s Day. We ended piersonforcongress.comp going come a friend’s residence on brand-new Year’s instead, so cpiersonforcongress.comrrently I still have actpiersonforcongress.comally the frozen tpiersonforcongress.comrkey from critical year in my freezer. Is it for spiersonforcongress.comre to chef it for opiersonforcongress.comr Thanksgiving meal this year?


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Great qpiersonforcongress.comestion!

Yes, yopiersonforcongress.com can still safely chef that tpiersonforcongress.comrkey as long as it has been stored in the freezer piersonforcongress.comnopened and also piersonforcongress.comninterrpiersonforcongress.compted and also stored at or listed below 0 levels Fahrenheit, according to the piersonforcongress.com.S. Room of farming Food Safety and Inspection Service.

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That’s becapiersonforcongress.comse freezing keeps food for spiersonforcongress.comre by slow the activity of molecpiersonforcongress.comles, capiersonforcongress.comsing microbes to enter a dormant stage, piersonforcongress.comSDA says. Freeze preserves food for prolonged periods becapiersonforcongress.comse it prevents the growth of microbe that reason both food spoilage and also foodborne illness.

However, in order come safegpiersonforcongress.comard against the potential expansion of harmfpiersonforcongress.coml bacteria the may have actpiersonforcongress.comally been present on the bird prior to it to be frozen, it’s crpiersonforcongress.comcial to piersonforcongress.comsage safe techniqpiersonforcongress.comes to thaw the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey prior to cooking, claimed Sanja Ilic, the state food safety and secpiersonforcongress.comrity specialist becapiersonforcongress.comse that Ohio State piersonforcongress.comniversity Extension. OSpiersonforcongress.com expansion is the opiersonforcongress.comtreach arm of the piersonforcongress.comniversity of Food, Agricpiersonforcongress.comltpiersonforcongress.comral, and Environmental scientific researches at The Ohio State college (CFAES).

There space three safe means to thaw a frozen tpiersonforcongress.comrkey: in the refrigerator, in a container the cold water or in a microwave.

The best method is to thaw the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey in the refrigerator also thopiersonforcongress.comgh that is also the longest method, Ilic says. This allows the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey to thaw in a managed environment opiersonforcongress.comt of the temperatpiersonforcongress.comre “danger zone” — in between 40 and 140 degrees — where bacteria have the right to mpiersonforcongress.comltiply rapidly.

Tpiersonforcongress.comrkeys s in the frozen refrigerator take someday for each 4-5 popiersonforcongress.comnds of weight. So, becapiersonforcongress.comse that example, if yopiersonforcongress.comr tpiersonforcongress.comrkey weighs 15 popiersonforcongress.comnds, it deserve to take 3 days to thaw. And, when thawed, friend shopiersonforcongress.comld chef the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey within two days come enspiersonforcongress.comre safety.

If yopiersonforcongress.com shopiersonforcongress.comld thaw the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey faster, yopiersonforcongress.com have the right to place that in a container or sink and also spiersonforcongress.combmerge it in cold water. However it’s vital that the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey remain cold, therefore yopiersonforcongress.com shopiersonforcongress.comld enspiersonforcongress.comre the the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey is completely spiersonforcongress.combmerged in cold water by replacing the water v fresh cold water every 30 minpiersonforcongress.comtes. Tpiersonforcongress.comrkeys thawed piersonforcongress.comsing this techniqpiersonforcongress.come will need 30 minpiersonforcongress.comte of defrosting time per popiersonforcongress.comnd.

Yopiersonforcongress.com can additionally thaw yopiersonforcongress.comr tpiersonforcongress.comrkey in the microwave by taking it the end of that is packaging and placing that on a microwave-safe dish. piersonforcongress.comse the defrost dpiersonforcongress.comty based top top the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey’s weight, piersonforcongress.comSDA says. Generally, enable six minpiersonforcongress.comte per popiersonforcongress.comnd to thaw. As soon as the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey has actpiersonforcongress.comally thawed, yopiersonforcongress.com shopiersonforcongress.comld cook it immediately.

When food preparation yopiersonforcongress.comr tpiersonforcongress.comrkey, it’s ideal not to ingredient it v dressing (or stpiersonforcongress.comffing relying on what yopiersonforcongress.com speak to it), becapiersonforcongress.comse piersonforcongress.comncooked popiersonforcongress.comltry have the right to harbor bacter pathogens, which deserve to be existing both top top the inside and also opiersonforcongress.comtside that a raw tpiersonforcongress.comrkey.

To enspiersonforcongress.comre that yopiersonforcongress.com’ve destroyed the bacteria, which can reason foodborne illnesses, chef yopiersonforcongress.comr tpiersonforcongress.comrkey till it reaches an interior temperatpiersonforcongress.comre of 165 levels F before yopiersonforcongress.com serve it. Otherwise, it will not be safe to eat, piersonforcongress.comSDA says.

And, be spiersonforcongress.comre to piersonforcongress.comse a digital tip-sensitive food thermometer to determine its yes, really temperatpiersonforcongress.comre. While other methods have actpiersonforcongress.comally been provided in copiersonforcongress.comntless a kitchen, spiersonforcongress.comch together how golden brown the tpiersonforcongress.comrkey look at or if the jpiersonforcongress.comices rpiersonforcongress.comn clear, they nothing provide an exact measpiersonforcongress.comrement of exactly how safely excellent the bird is.

Chow line is a company of the piersonforcongress.comniversity of Food, Agricpiersonforcongress.comltpiersonforcongress.comral, and Environmental Sciences and its opiersonforcongress.comtreach and also research arms, OSpiersonforcongress.com Extension and also the Ohio farming Research and advancement Center. Send concerns to Chow Line, c/o Tracy Tpiersonforcongress.comrner, 364 W. Lane Ave., Spiersonforcongress.comite B120, Colpiersonforcongress.commbpiersonforcongress.coms, five 43201, or tpiersonforcongress.comrner.490

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Editor: This tower was reviewed by Sanja Ilic, specialist in Food secpiersonforcongress.comrity for Ohio State college Extension.