*Motown legend Smokey Robinson married singer Claudette Rogers in November 1959, two years after she joined his group The Miracles in 1957.

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Sadly, Claudette suffered numerous miscarriages while the couple tried to develop a child. However with the use of a surrogate, they to be able to have actually their firstborn, a kid they named Berry (in respect of music icon Berry Gordy).

Two years later, Claudette to be fitted with a cervical brace that permitted her to bring the couple’s daughter, Tamla Claudette.

She climate quit The Miracles to end up being a permanent mom, and also Smokey opted to perform the very same to end up being a solo act.

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Daddy quit by now #familyfirst #swishfamilyrobinson #berryrobinson #smokeyrobinson #TamLA

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But Smokey likewise started having affairs and fantasies that having children with women of every race, follow to amomama.com.

Claudette would continue to remain in the marriage until he had a son, Trey, through his mistress, a woman named Kandi.

After their divorce, Smokey continued to have actually a close connection with every one of his kids. 

He formerly revealed the Kandi and Claudette likewise have a cordial relationship, v Kandi including in her will certainly that if something wake up to her, she wants Claudette to raise Trey.

“Most wives wouldn’t desire anything to do with , but I’m telling you, Claudette is a rare sort of beautiful person,” said Smokey.

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Meanwhile, Smokey is an extremely close come his just daughter Tamla, 51, and also the two acquired candid around their link as part of ATTN’s project to memory Father-Daughter day in 2017.

“My dad and also I, we’re best friends,” Tamla said. “He would constantly give me indict to simply be true come myself.”

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She added: “I’m grateful that I have actually him to call whenever yes sir something walking on in my life.”

“And it just made me feel an ext confident discovering that my father embraced me for whoever i am,” she continued, through Smokey noting that “a father the stays roughly proves to a young girl the she’s worth being around.”

ATTN – Pop culture often says that fathers aren’t cut out to have strong emotional bonds through their daughters, however the facts tell a different story.
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smokeyrobinson) October 13, 2019

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