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Trevor Jackson to be born on august 30, 1996 in Indiana, USA. That is the youngest of 2 siblings. His father's name is Kevin Jackson and his mother's name is cam Baxter. While farming up he play basketball together his father and his elder brother were really much right into it. In ~ first, Trevor wanted to it is in a basketball player as he was taller than every one of his girlfriend at school yet later establish his potential in dancing and also chose it together his career path. His parents have actually supported him every throughout his career. Due to the fact that his childhood days, he began playing songs at parties and at school. He also performed ~ above Showtime at the Apollo. In 2004 he obtained a chance to play young Simba native the Lion King. He was simply 8 years old at that time. He functioned with this production for the next 3 year leaving it in 2007.

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With one interview through Coveteur.com Trevor was quoted together saying: “My mommy says that once I was five or six, ns was like, ‘I desire to be an NBA player, I desire to it is in a movie star, and also I desire to make music.’ I’ve want to be every little thing at one point, a surfer, a skater, i did gymnastics because that a pair years, and I walk capoeira for like, eight or nine years." Trevor continues, “Everything type of began from tapping; I wanted to be Gregory Hines. Ns realized that if he remained in the movie i was watching, he to be acting, then he to be singing, and he to be dancing, and also all the girl loved him. The spawned every little thing else.”

After Lion king, that had end up being a very well-known boy artist in the industry and also so he was getting many offers from various movies and TV shows. In 2010 he showed up in an episode of Cold Case. A year later on he acquired a role in Harry’s Law. He also got the Young Artist Crowds compensation for best performance. In 2013 he gained his first role in a movie called A Beautiful Soul. The same year that got one more offer indigenous the Disney Channel for its movie Let that Shine. In this film, he play the duty of Kris McDuffy. In 2012 Jackson signed v the Atlantic records to release his first album dubbed Like we Grown. His very first album was a large hit and so his fans began demanding one more album from him. Seeing the response, he released another album referred to as #NewThang. His tune Drop It was a very huge hit as even McDonald's supplied it for its advertisement. Later that year the went on a tour of America v Justine Skye. The is farming up to be a very good singer together well. Throughout this time he also had a reoccurring role in the TV present Eureka i m sorry aired top top the Syfy Network. He played Kevin Blake, and also was ~ above the display for 2 seasons.

His remix album new Thang was released in 2014 after the great response he obtained from his fans. He is currently working top top his new full-length album the he wishes to beginning in a pair of months. In 2014 he also realized an additional song called an excellent Girl, bad Girl. The very same year he created a YouTube channel and started posting tracks and behind the scene of his song production. This channel garnered countless views and also subscriptions native his fans. Jackson looks approximately Michael Jackson for inspiration along with Gregory Hines and also the Nicholas Brothers.

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He also does volunteering indigenous time come time to give earlier to the society. He was in support of Snoop Dogg’s No Guns allowed campaign.