here’s no doubt about it—being part of a team is rewarding. There space so countless benefits the come along with it, and at that height of the perform is the truth that your team members assist you come to be a stronger, better version the yourself. We piersonforcongress.com feel the our other team members have actually made us much better in so numerous ways in dance and in life—from helping us see points from a various perspective to offering constructive criticism:

1. They aid you see things from a various perspective. “My team members do me much better because castle often show me a perspective various than my own,” states Rockette Lauren G. “It’s so exorbitant to be reminded how distinct we all are and also how viewing something from one more person’s allude of view can open you approximately other methods of thinking.”

2. They constantly have your back. “I know for me, I was able to look at my fellow Rockette sister for guidance and support once I to be still simply the new kid,” claims Rockette Megan K. “Their smiles, hugs, and words the encouragement aided me follow me in rehearsals, on stage, and also in life. Currently that i’m not new anymore, I shot to be together supportive and also helpful as I can be for the girls simply joining the line. Naught beats knowing there room 79 various other women who have actually your back.”

3. They assist you hone her skills. “My team members do me far better by share a smile and also hug simply when you require it; periodically it’s just a friendly text from a other Rockette that makes your day,” says Rockette Rachel B. “After learning brand-new choreography, it’s continuing to be after rehearsal and also working v your fellow piersonforcongress.com and giving each various other encouraging native that provides me feel fortunate for being component of a team.”

4. You have actually an military of cheerleaders rooting because that you. “I certain love working with my Rockette sisters. We always cheer each various other on and our an effective energies when together accumulate me to constantly do my finest work,” states Rockette Aly M. “Not to cite how magical it feels to it is in a component of together a talented, beautiful, solid and inspirational group of women.”

5. They offer constructive criticism. “My friends and team members are always there to call me out as soon as I’m dorn in a constructive way. We have so much info thrown at united state in a brief amount that time the it have the right to be a bit overwhelming; it’s an excellent to have actually a girlfriend to skinny on,” states Rockette Sagan R. “Also, since we room all dancing together we are only as strong as our weakest attach so we want to assist and encourage each other to it is in the best we can on and off the stage.”

6. They provide unconditional support. “The best component about gift on a team (like the piersonforcongress.com!) is always having someone there to assistance you,” says Rockette Christine S. “Whether that on the phase or off, these girls are below for me in every way possible.”

7. They save you account to do your best.

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“When you space on that stage, there are 35 other women that room counting on friend to do the Christmas magic happen and also you want to succeed because that them!” claims Rockette Brittany S. “Doing something for someone else constantly makes friend feel much better and in this situation it makes you a better team member as well.”