Press MEMScroll come “Mem management/delete”select “All”Delete anything native the list by pushing the DEL key

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To delete a routine on the TI-84 Plus, press <2nd> <+> this will certainly take you to the memory food selection seen below.

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From below scroll down to the 2nd option top top the list “Mem Management/Delete…” and press .


Then you will be at the next food selection below. From here just push  to select the an initial option top top the menu “All…


Now you should see a perform of every the programs on your calculator. From here, role to the regimen that you desire to delete by moving the selector arrowhead with the directional keys.


Once you have found the program you want to delete, make certain the selector arrowhead is pointing in ~ it and press the  key. Climate the calculator will ask, “Ary girlfriend Sure?”, and also if girlfriend are, choose “Yes” by scrolling to that option and also pressing .


You have now preeminently turned off the program.

More top top Deleting Programs

From the perform of programs previously mentioned, you have the right to archive programs. By default programs are stored in your calculator’s RAM. This means when your lamb is reset, every one of your programs will certainly be lost. Archiving program is a method to store programs in the calculator’s irreversible storage. (Click here to see our accuse on archiving programs). If you want to delete a large number of programs you can do for this reason by archiving the programs the you desire to keep and then reseting her calculator’s RAM. As soon as your calculator comes ago on, the programs you didn’t archive will be deleted and also the programs the you did archive will still it is in on your calculator.

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