yellow journalism
This is a sensational layout of writing that exaggerates the news to lure readers.

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Rough RidersThis volunteer mounties unit fought in a famed land battle in Cuba.
José MartíThis Cuban poet and journalist introduced a Cuban change in 1895.
U.S.S. MaineSoon after this to be destroyed, the united States asserted war ~ above Spain.
CubaThis country gained its freedom in the Spanish-American War.
de Lôme letterIts criticism that the American president resulted in American resentment toward Spain to rotate to outrage.
General Valeriano WeylerThis general forced Cubans to relocate come concentration camps, where thousands of them died.
Philippine islandsAfter the war, the United claims paid 20 million dollars to Spain because that the addition of this land.
San Juan HillTheodore Roosevelt was declared the hero that this, even though he and his units played just a minor function in its capture.
George DeweyHe to be the navy commander who led the American pressures that steamed into Manila Bay and destroyed the Spanish fleet.
Emilio AguinaldoLeader that the Filipinos who supported Dewey in the Philippines.
William McKinleyU.S. President that wanted to use diplomacy quite than battle to resolve the issues in between Cuba and Spain.
Teddy RooseveltLeader of the rough Riders who would later end up being president that the U.S.
Treaty the ParisMeeting between U.S. And also Spain in i beg your pardon this was signed in ~ the finish of the Spanish-American War.
LiliuokalaniQueen of Hawaii that is toppled in 1893 through the U.S.
Imperialismpolicy where more powerful nations prolong their economic, political, or military control over weaker countries
Alfred T. MahanU.S. Navy Admiral the urged the U.S. Government to construct up the Navy
William SewardSecretary of State in 1867 the arranged for the U.S. To acquisition Alaska from
Pearl HarborIn 1887, the U.S. Pressured Hawaii into permitting a naval base to be built here
Sanford B. Dolehe to be the head the the temporary govenment created in Hawaii ~ the overthrow of the Queen
Panama CanalIts construction ranks as among the world's greatest design feats.
John J. PershingHe led American forces into Mexico in quest of a mexican revolutionary leader.
dollar diplomacyPolicy of making use of the U.S. Government to guarantee loans made to foreign countries by American businesses.
Woodrow WilsonHis plan of missionary diplomat was used with Mexico.
Theodore Roosevelt"Big Stick"diplomacy was the template of his presidency.
Roosevelt CorollaryThis main American policy, additionally known together "big stick" diplomacy, stated that disorder in Latin America could force the U.S. Come send armed forces troops into Latin American nations to defend American financial interests.
missionary (moral) diplomacyThe policy of denying acknowledgment of Latin American federal governments that the U.S. Perceived as oppressive, undemocratic, or enemy to U.S. Interests.
Francisco "Pancho" VillaAmerican troops to be sent into Mexico to try and capture this mexico revolutionary leader.
Foraker ActIn 1900, congress passed this which ended military preeminence and set up a civil government in Puerto Rico.
Platt AmendmentIn 1901, the U.S. Insisted that Cuba add several provisions to its constitution that were well-known as this.
John HayU.S. Secretary that State that issued the open Door notes.
Phillipine-American WarThis occasion was led through Emilio Aguinaldo and took ar after the U.S. Freed the Filipinos native Spanish rule.

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protectoratea country whose affairs room partially controlled by a more powerful power
Emilio AguinaldoFilipino rebel leader that was outraged by the treaty of Paris and also vowed to fight for independence
Open Door notesa series of policy statements (letters) addressed to the leaders of imperialist nations proposing the the nations have actually open trade v the U.S.
Boxer Rebellionthis arisen in 1900 in i m sorry members the a Chinese mystery society sought to free their country from western (U.S.) influence