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hatchet herbal Selection
Definition The changes that an biology goes v to make it better suited to it"s environment. Ex. Girraffe with a long neck come reach plant life to eat high up in trees.

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Term Adaptions

Changes in behavior or physical characteristics that allows the organsim to live in their environment.

EX. Hunting at night rather of the day as soon as there is more competition because that food.

Term Competition
Definition The struggle in between organisms to make it through in a habitat with restricted resources (food, water, shelter)
Term Predator
Definition The organism the does the killing.
Term Prey
Definition The organism that is killed.
Term Predation
Definition When one organism kills another and also eats it.
Term Symbiosis
Definition A near relationship between two organisms where at the very least one services from the interaction. There room 3 species (mutualism, commensalism, parasitism)
Term Mutualism
Definition Relationship wherein both species benefit from the interaction.
Term Commensalism
Definition One varieties benefits and also the other species is no harmed nor aided from the relationship.
Term Parasitism
Definition One organism services from the connection while the various other organism is harmed.
Term Parasite
Definition In parasitism that is the organsim the benefits native the relationship.
Term Host
Definition In parasitism that is the organsim the the parasite stays on or in. It causes the hold harm.
Term Ecosystem
Definition All the living and non-living things in an area develop an ecosystem. Have the right to be as huge as an ocean or as little as a drop of water.
Term Habitat
Definition A place where an biology lives. It gives the organism food, water, shelter, grow and reproduce.
Term Biotic Factors
Definition The living components of one ecosystem.
Term Abiotic Factors
Definition The non-living parts of one ecosystem. Including: water, sunlight, oxygen, temperature, and also soil.
Term Photosynthesis
Definition The way a plant produces glucose to use as food. Using sunlight, water, and also carbon dioxide. The takes place in the plants chloroplast.
Term Species
Definition A group of organisms that are comparable and can reproduce productive offspring.
Term Populations

All the members the one types in a certain area. (Only life things) 

Ex. Every the dogs.

All the grey wolves.

Term Communities

All the different populations living in one area.

Ex. All the plants, mice, snakes, eagles.

Term Ecology
Definition The examine of just how living interact with every other and their environment.
Term Producers
Definition An organism that deserve to make its own food. They do this throught the procedure called photosynthesis.
Term Consumer
Definition An organism the obtains energy by eating other organisms.
Term Herbivores
Definition An organism that eats just plants for its energy.
Term Carnivores
Definition An organsim the eats only meat because that its energy.
Term Omnivore
Definition An organism that eats both plants and also animals to obtain its energy.
Term Scavenger
Definition A carnivore the feeds on the bodies of dead organisms.
Term Decomposers
Definition Organisms that break down wastes and also dead organsims and also return the raw products to the environment.
Term Food Chain
Definition A collection of events in i beg your pardon one biology eats another to acquire energy.
Term Food Web
Definition Many overlapping food chain in one ecosystem.
Term Limiting Factors
Definition An ecological factor the stops a population from increasing. Part examples encompass lack that food, space, and weather.
Term transferring Capacity
Definition The largest populace that an setting can support.

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Term Niche
Definition A function of the organism. The project it does in one ecosystem.