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The amount of energy soaked up by a auto in an impact is concerned __________.

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A.) the direction that the impact.B.) the style of the vehicle.C.) speed and weight that the vehicleD.) every one of the above
all of the aboveExplanation: The amount of energy that"s absorbed by the vehicle is pertained to both the vehicle"s design and the direction the the impact. Much more and an ext high tech study and advancement is being conducted to do cars more secure and more reliable.
A _______ is forced to adjust the speed and direction that a relocating body.
A.) big sizeB.) forceC.) bothD.) neither
Vehicles are designed with both plastic and elastic worths to absorb energy forces in a manner the will alleviate the direct forces that reach the car occupant(s).A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
To far better understand crash dynamics, we have to look at what are referred to as the "__________."A.) vehicle CollisionsB.) laws of MotionC.) facility of gravityD.) fatal Crashes
In a motor automobile crash, as a vehicle crushes, it absorbs some of the force of the collision.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
TRUEExplanation: Especially, cars are intended to crush and consume few of the collision. However, they cant crumple too sufficient or our legs will gain crushed also, i beg your pardon is no good. The all based upon the postulate the the force of the collision is less if the whole deceleration takes ar over a prolonged duration the time. The vehicle crumpling do the efforts to increase the deceleration time.
power absorption in a crash is straight dependent on ________
Energy absorption in a crash is directly dependent ~ above blankA.) auto speed B.) angle of collisionC.) locations of auto contactsD.) every one of the above
What is the meaning of "potential energy"?A.) power that is arisen by things while it"s in motionB.) The power that a item of issue has since of its place or since of the plan of partsC.) an item that remains at restD.) A pressure at i beg your pardon the earth attracts one more object towards itself
The energy that a piece of issue has since of its position or because of the arrangement of parts
The release of kinetic power in a collision is what causes the vehicle to it is in damaged or destroyed and also the inhabitants injured or killed.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
as soon as you reduced your speed in half, you cut your kinetic power by __________ times.A.) twoB.) fourC.) sixD.) eight
Kinetic energy and energy of motion are referred to as gift the same.Kinetic energy and also energy of motion are the same thing.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
modern-day vehicles are designed to _______ in a crash to absorb kinetic energy.A.) stay stableB.) move backwardC.) Crush
_______have a greater influence on our society than every violent crimes combined.A.) train crashesB.) airplane crashesC.) motor car crashes
as soon as two vehicles relocating at the very same speed are involved in a collision, the automobile that __________________.A.) weighs an ext will take it the better impactB.) weighs much less will take it the better impactC.) has actually a manual transmission will certainly take the better impact
The lot of energy absorbed by a auto in an affect is pertained to __________.A.) powerB.) gravityC.) inertia
Gravity has actually a higher effect ~ above what type of vehicles?A.) LargeB.) heavyC.) high profileD.) heavy, large and high profile
gravity __________ her kinetic power when you room driving uphill and also __________it once you room driving downhill.
A.) increases, decreasesB.) stops, increasesC.) decreases, increasesD.) none of the above
as soon as driving downhill, your automobile will accelerate and start relocating fast, as result of _______________.A.) kinetic energyB.) gravityC.) the amount of pressure you placed on the accelerator pedalD.) wet pavement
power is dissipated in a crash is dubbed _____.➜ energy that is dissipated in a crash is calledA.) Kinetic energyB.) Solar energyC.) Friction
Every time girlfriend hit the brakes, you room attempting to overcome _____.A.) potential energyB.) kinetic energyC.) revolution electricityD.) the pressure of impact
The kinetic energy of your car dissipates easily when the automobile is in a crash.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
to absorb kinetic energy and also dissipate the force of a crash, more recent cars __________ To absorb kinetic energy and dissipate the pressure of a crash, new cars:A.) are more flexibleB.) have special safety features such as air bags and also crumple zones.
The ______ that the crash is distributed in the crushing that the body and also chassis of the vehicleA.) energyB.) speedC.) outcome
the takes around _______ of a 2nd to dissipate the kinetic energy from an affect throughout the vehicle. It takes about blank that a second to dissipate the kinetic energy from an impact throughout the vehicleANS: 7/10 In a vehicle collision, the longer it takes to dissipate kinetic energy, the _______ the force of impact.A.) higherB.) fasterC.) slowerD.) lower
____ energy or inert of a car can be balance out by allowing an increase in protecting against distance.A.) solarB.) gravitationalC.) kineticD.) negativeforward
as soon as you"re affiliated in a head-on collision with an additional car, the force of influence will involve:A.) just the kinetic power of the heavier carB.) only the kinetic energy of the lighter carC.) The merged kinetic power of both carsD.) The difference between the kinetic energy of the 2 cars
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