identify the energy levels of electrons for the very first 20 elements. Describe the relationship of valence electron in piersonforcongress.comical processes. Determine the variety of valence electron in one element. Explain the stability of one atom as a an outcome of adhering to the octet rule.

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The structure of the atom was questioned in the previous unit and also now us will emphasis on the duty that electrons play in the formation of compounds. Nevertheless of the kind of link or the number of atoms or electrons involved, that is the electrons of those atoms that connect to form a compound.

Electron Arrangement

Electrons are not randomly arranged in one atom and their place within the atom deserve to be defined using electron arrangements, which are a simplified version the electron configurations. Because that each aspect of interest, we look at the variety of electrons in a solitary atom and also then determine how those electrons room arranged based upon the atomic model. The main idea behind electron species is that electrons have the right to only exist at certain energy levels. By understanding the energy levels of electron in an atom, we can predict properties and understand actions of the atom.

As displayed in the figure below, there are multiple power levels where electrons can be found. As the energy level increases, the power difference between them decreases. A preferably of two electrons can be found in the (n=1) level; eight electrons can be in the (n=2) level. Although the (n=3) and also (n=4) levels present only eight electron in this diagram, those power levels have the right to hold much more but not until we start looking at the shift metals. We will just be came to with the electron arrangements of aspects through calcium (left( Z = 20 ight)) so us will put a preferably of eight electrons in the (n=3) level and also two in the (n=4) level.

Figure (PageIndex2): Electron diagram because that magnesium.

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The electron arrangement likewise shows the variety of valence electrons which is two for magnesium due to the fact that there are two electron in the (n=3) power level i beg your pardon is the greatest occupied power level because that magnesium. This coincides to the (2+) charge created when magnesium develops an ion. The is willing to lose 2 electrons so that it has the very same electron arrangements together the nearest noble gas, which is neon (2, 8). Atom will acquire or shed electrons to look choose the nearest noble gas because the noble gases space unreactive because of the security of having actually eight electrons in the highest energy level. This desire of atom to have actually eight electron in your outermost shell is recognized as the octet rule.