1. The labels follow me the lower edge of the workbook window that determine each worksheet.

You are watching: The labels along the lower edge of the workbook window that identify each worksheet.

2. Controls come the left that theworksheet tabs supplied to screen worksheet tabs that space not in view.

3. A sequential number assigned to a date.

4. A short-lived storage area for text and graphics.

5. A method of moving or copying the contents of selected cell in i beg your pardon you allude to the choice and then drag it to a new location.

6. The target location for data that has actually been cut or replicated using the Clipboard.

7. The mathematics rules the specify the bespeak in i m sorry calculations are performed.

8. A worksheet that displays and also recaps totals from other worksheets.

9. A worksheet that has the thorough information in a workbook.

10. A chart type that is useful when you want to to compare values throughout categories.

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