Charlie Daniels" death has sparked a the majority of remembrance of the late nation music legend, through Guitar Hero fans reminiscing about the game"s "Devil Went down to Georgia" controversy. As soon as making Guitar Hero III: Legends the Rock, the game"s developer — Neversoft — had a cover version of the track by guitarist Steve Ouimette. This variation of the track utilizes guitar instead of a fiddle.

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Daniels was very upset about the usage of this variation of the song in the video clip game and also made his stance very clear. In a blog post, that lambasted the game, saying that it has actually a "dark side" and also stating the he feel this to be dangerous for kids and teens. "To tell friend the truth the totality thing bothered me and also struck me together something the is no the healthiest point in the human being for young, impressionable mental to be exposed to, however the point that really obtained me was what they had actually done v my song," the wrote. Scroll under to see what Guitar Hero fans are saying top top Twitter in the wake up of Daniels" death.

My favourite thing about Charlie Daniels is the he composed an upset blog post around how etc Hero had actually a “dark side” and also that it “perverted” The evil one Went under To Georgia by allowing the devil to victory

— Shiro Sirius (
ShiroSirius) July 6, 2020

Charlie Daniels once got mad at guitar Hero because it was feasible for human being to shed while playing "Devil Went under to Georgia" and that supposed that the cartoon guitar devil won.

— 👑 𝕽𝖔𝖞𝖆𝖑 👑 (

in a duel the ROCK playing a suped-up version of the famed song. Recently, as I to be looking into different versions the the song, I discovered out that Mr. Daniels himself wrote a blog write-up condemning the use of his song in guitar hero, calling the "perverted" his original work...

— Skyler Carreon (
skylerTC) July 6, 2020

had never ever used it. This story doesn"t really have an ending. I just thought it sort of a funny story. Anyway, RIP Charlie Daniels. Thanks for writing a absent ass song.

— Skyler Carreon (

I was constantly a hefty metal music fan, and also knew evil one Went down to Georgia from guitar Hero, however last year decided to check him the end on Spotify since I knew the one song, and wanted come hear what else he did. I never ever thought I"d enjoy nation music, yet he played it therefore good.

— Nithard #BLM 🏳️‍🌈🍃🍃🍃 (
Tholadar) July 6, 2020

This day has gained worse somehow. The devil Went under to Georgia on guitar Hero 3 will constantly be one of my favourite childhood memories. RIP. Https://

— Turner Lyon (

Man this sucks. As a guitar Hero junkie native its inception, The adversary Went down to Georgia was one of the best and also most memorable song of lock all. Charlie Daniels will always have a special place in mine heart. RIP

— Lifelong Lotte Giants pan (
cmaysports13) July 6, 2020

Made the original version the The adversary Went under to Georgia that etc Hero players would go on to love. RIP Charlie Daniels

— Arron Lund (

A the majority of folks have done their very own cover that the Charlie Daniels standard The evil one Went down To Georgia, however the etc Hero covering (in their 3rd game) to be the best one.

RIP Charlie Daniels

— Charles Lee (
Goofyfan_Chuck) July 6, 2020

Such sad news. RIP, Charlie Daniels.

Whenever i hear "The adversary Went down to Georgia," i remember gift a kid and also playing that last battle against Lou on etc Hero III: Legends of Rock. 🤘🏾🤘🏾

— Adnan Riaz (

Real OG’s remember “Devil Went under to Georgia” together the last guitar fight in etc Hero 3.

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RIP Charlie Daniels. Https://

— reality CLE fan (
RealistCLEFan) July 6, 2020

RIP Charlie Daniels. The devil Went down To Georgia in etc hero 3 is the greatest final boss fight of all time and also one of my favourite childhood memories.

— Benn (

RIP, ns still have my mom"s vinyl of the album v the famous evil one Went under to Georgia. That song constantly stuck v me because of mine love for guitar Hero

— Cody Browne (
CodyCafeUSC) July 6, 2020

The reason I am great at guitar this day is due to the fact that I had actually no girlfriend in high school and could beat this track on skilled on etc hero III