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Chapter one section three problem for the inquiry is, the density of yellow is nineteen suggest three grams every centimeter. Cute. What is the worth in kilograms every centimeter? for this reason we're given that the density of gold is nineteen suggest three grams every centimeter. Keep. And also what we desire to uncover is just how much this value is in kilograms every meter. Cute, since it's walking to require the conversion of devices from this come this. And so one point we very first have to establish is, uh there room a thousand grams in a kilogram and there is one hundreds centimetres in a meter. And also so this is in reality equal to one both this quantities, and so we can flip lock over and also take the mutual of them as needed. And also so, in order to carry out that, you first take or nineteen suggest three grams per centimeter cubes. And also so we want to eliminate this cool quantity. Therefore you that by placing the amount of grams listed below grams and also we said it to be a thousand 2 one kilogram now will permit us to cancel these two amounts that provide us kilograms. For this reason we're multiplying by one, and also so this is a valid operation because you could play many player any quantity by one, and it remains the same. And also so in this next quantity, we want to have actually centimeters above and meter below. And also so there's a one hundreds centimetres per meter and also again this is multiply by one. However there's sort of an concern here. There's there's a centimeter cube here and only one centimeter. Therefore what we carry out is we need to put a whole quantity cube here offering us this quantity. And also so, um, in stimulate to simplify this, us now should go to to leveling this truth of first. And also so we perform that by by having actually one hundreds cubed i m sorry one hundred cubed is a million. You could just count the zeros. There's two zeros three to the third. That gives us six zeros together this amount is a million centimetres cubed permit acute is this cute quantity goes here is well and also to the one the one keep this one okay. And also so currently that we have this entirety quantity, we might just multiplied all together, or we finish up scene is us were able come cancel out the cube, the grams and we're left through That way gets the next piece. We're left through nineteen point three kilograms every meter. Cubed time million over one thousand just for a male yourselves. We gain the million from this amount for two thousand native this quantity. Psychic this amounts this okay? and so this amounts actually equal to the doesn't. And also so ours answer is nineteen allude three time a thousands kilograms every meter cubed.

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And but that gives us his nineteen thousand three hundred kilograms per meter cubed. Over there you have actually it.