“Episode 1408” – In this emotional distinct conclusion, Jake prepares to make among the most difficult choices of this life. His search for love is currently narrowed down to two really different women — Tenley and Vienna — and he is fallout’s in love with both that them. Who do you think Jack will certainly pick? post your comment and vote below.

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Now, after having his household meet castle on the exotic island the St. Lucia, he have to make one final heart-wrenching decision the could change his life forever, on the season finale of “The Bachelor: on the wings of Love,” MONDAY, march 1 (8:00-10:05 p.m., ET), ~ above the ABC tv Network.

Last Monday Jake challenged the ladies he rejected and the claws came out. The 15 jilted bachelorettes challenged the handsome airline pilot, top top – ‘The Bachelor: top top the wing of Love’.

“The women Tell All” — It’s was explosive reunion viewers loved, as the most memorable bachelorettes native this season – including Rozlyn, Ali, Gia, Michelle, Ella and Elizabeth — returned to face each other and Jake one critical time to food the dirt and told their side the the story.

For the first time since she left the show, Rozlyn – the many controversial bachelorette this season – discussed the shocking revolve of occasions that caused her abrupt dismissal and also the shoot of a staffer.

Exciting and also funny unseen moments from among the most dramatic “Bachelor” seasons ever before were featured, and we capture up with few of the series’ most popular and controversial previous bachelors and bachelorettes ~ the cameras stop rolling, on “The Bachelor: ~ above the wing of Love

SEASON FINALE: with Jake’s search for his spirit mate over, he speak to kris Harrison around both Tenley and Vienna, acquisition us ago to that final day in St. Lucia. And both ladies are earlier with Jake to comment on the dramatic result of this rollercoaster season.

Then America will certainly be presented to the next “Bachelorette” that will have actually a chance to uncover her Prince Charming, top top the one-hour special, “The Bachelor: on the wings of Love: after ~ the last Rose,” MONDAY, march 1 (10:05-11:00 p.m., ET).

Jake’s family members arrives in St. Lucia to meet the last two women and offer your advice. Jake is very clear top top one thing: he cannot pick a woman who does not get in addition to this family.

Tenley renders a winning impression over brunch, yet she feeling compelled to be honest with Jake’s mom around her past and the reality that she’s divorced. The following day, Vienna automatically admits the she didn’t get in addition to the various other women in the house. Jake’s mother is quick to notification some warning signs around Vienna and also shares them v her son. Vienna’s brutal honesty and confrontational layout don’t walk over well, and also the family members wonders if she would ever fit in v them.

The women both have actually one last romantic day with Jake. He takes Vienna come a steamy mud bath in St. Lucia’s volcano sulphur springs. There’s no inquiry that he has plenty of passion for her, yet will that chemistry analyze into a lifelong commitment? now Vienna issues that she can well lose Jake.

The next day Tenley and also Jake actors off in a sleek exclusive yacht because that a wonderful day the snorkeling among the dolphins in the coral reefs of St. Lucia. This time he’s concerned that, return he has an tremendous emotional link with Tenley, their chemistry might be lagging behind. As soon as he share his concerns with her, she is hurt and anxious the she could lose Jake come Vienna.

Jake has actually pulled no punches in his find for true love this season, but how might that search finish with two women as different as Tenley and also Vienna?

Both ladies have caught his heart and also both would certainly love come share their stays with him. How and also whom will certainly he choose? will certainly he prove that, this time in ~ least, nice males don’t complete last in love?

The staying two ladies are:

Tenley, 25, a university admissions representative from Newberg, ORVienna, 23, a marketing representative native Sanford, FL

Hosted by kris Harrison, “The Bachelor: top top the wing of Love” and “The Bachelor: ~ above the wing of Love: after the last Rose” are productions of following Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Martin Hilton space the executive, management producers.

That week the Ratings:Last Monday Night (8-11pm):Continuing come hold strong against NBC’s Olympic coverage, through The Bachelor: ladies Tell all (up over last year, regardless of facing the Winter Games) and also a repeat that Castle, alphabet stood as Monday’s #1 non-sports network ~ above the evening because that the second week in a row with total Viewers (9.2 million) and Adults 18-49 (3.0/8), beating the closest contender by 1.4 million viewers and also by 20% in adult 18-49 (CBS = 7.8 million and also 2.5/7)

The Bachelor: women Tell every (8-10pm): Monday’s #1 non-Olympic TV routine for the second week in a heat in complete Viewers (11.2 million) and Adults 18-49 (3.9/10), ABC’s The Bachelor paced well ahead that its non-Olympic competition native 8-10pm, besting runner-up CBS through 3.5 million viewers and by 44% v young adults (CBS – 7.7 million and 2.7/7).

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The abc unscripted display ranked #1 versus regular competition in its 2-hour time period sixth week in a row in adults 18-34 andstood together Monday’s #1 TV collection telecast with Women 18-34 for its 8th directly telecast this season.


And automatically Following the Season Finale, Both Tenley and Vienna join Jake come Look ago at the Dramatic finishing to His trip to uncover Love, top top “The Bachelor: ~ above the wings of Love: ~ the final Rose”