The day a note is signed is called the _______.

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issue date
The ________ of accountancy requires that amounts be report on the gaue won statements in a way that is the very least likely to overstate earnings or assets.conservatism principle
The ______ is the major plus the attention that need to be paid once the keep in mind becomes due.maturity value
A(n) ________ is a gaue won document, such as a check, that transfers property from one human to another.negotiable instrument
The size of time in between the problem date that a note and the date the note becomes due is called its ________.term
A(n) _______ is a financial institution charge make on the endorser for a discounted keep in mind that is dishonored.protest fee
The due day or the job on i m sorry a note need to be payment is that is ________.maturity date
_______ is the amount written on the prior of a note.face value
A written agreement to salary a particular sum that money on need or ~ above a particular date is dubbed a(n) ______.promissory note
The ________ is the quantity of attention expressed together a percent of the principal.interest rate
The _____ is the amount of money being borrowed.principal
With the ________, revenue is reported in the duration when it is earned and expenses are reported in the duration in i m sorry they are incurred.accrual communication of accounting
The person or business promising come repay the principal and also interest is referred to as the ________ the the note.maker
A promissory note embraced by a human or service is referred to as a(n) _______.note receivable
____ is revenue that has been earned yet not yet received.accrued revenue
The human being or business to who a keep in mind is payable is dubbed the _______.payee
A(n) _______ is an bespeak by one party come a 2nd party to salary a particular sum that money to a 3rd party.draft
_______ is a fees charged for the usage of money.interest
If a company or person falls short to salary or renew a keep in mind when it becomes due, the keep in mind is referred to as a(n) _______.dishonored note
A(n) ____ is special form of draft that results from the sale of merchandise; that is accounted for as a note acceptance
Notes that a organization sells come the bank for cash fairly than stop them till they come to be due are referred to as _________.discounted notes receivable
The ________ is the interest fee the financial institution deducts in development for a discount
The ______ is the quantity of cash in reality received when a organization discounts a note receivable.proceeds
The number of days in between the date a note is sold to the bank and also the date the keep in mind becomes early is the period
A(n) ______ is the responsibility assumed by the endorser to pay a discounted note at maturity if the an equipment does not.

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contingent liability
A keep in mind that needs the primary plus attention to it is in repaid at maturity is referred to as a(n) ________.interest-bearing note
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