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This test is composed of 15 multiple choice questions and also 5 quick answer questions.

Multiple an option Questions

1. In thing 7, who cuts Patty's hair?(a) Edna Louise.(b) Mrs. Bergen.(c) her grandmother.(d) Ruth.

2. Wherein does Patty retreat come in chapter 7?(a) The stockroom.(b) Edna Louise's house.(c) her hideout.(d) she grandmother's house.

3. What happens to Patty's hair in chapter 6?(a) She has actually it cut off in a really short bob.(b) She dyes it jet black.(c) It becomes dry and frizzy indigenous the poor perm.(d) She water it blond.

4. Why doesn't Mr. Bergen like Grandpa Fried?(a) Mr. Bergen is jealousy of Grandpa Fried's success.(b) Grandpa Fried is charging Mr. Bergen interest on a organization loan.(c) Grandpa Fried walk not give Mr. Bergen a task in the family members business.(d) Grandpa Fried renders fun of Mr. Bergen's heritage.

5. Exactly how does Patty's father treat she on a constant basis?(a) through calculated manipulation.(b) with firm kindness.(c) with a cold, violent temper.(d) v quiet disdain.

6. What is Patty's grandm worried about in thing 5?(a) Her sister in Luxembourg.(b) Patty's health.(c) Dying.(d) The German detainees of war.

7. That does Patty see near her hideout in thing 7?(a) Ruth.(b) Mr. Bergen.(c) Anton.(d) Edna Louise.

8. What does Patty do after breakfast in thing 8?(a) contact Edna Louise.(b) make her bed.(c) aid Ruth.(d) to fill a bag v food.

9. What details relieves Patty in ~ the finish of thing 9?(a) Her grandfather would prefer Patty to come work in his shop.(b) her father is going the end of town for 3 weeks.(c) Her mommy did not know around her trip.(d) The warden walk not recognize what taken place to Anton.

10. What go Anton perform with fake diamonds in thing 8?(a) pick a lock.(b) Bribe a guard.(c) Melt plastic.(d) market them come Mr. Bergen.

11. Why doesn't Patty desire her father to catch her praying?(a) that is an atheist.(b) He no formal religion.(c) Her family members is Muslim.(d) She will get in trouble for speak Christian prayers.

12. Wherein does Patty go after breakfast in chapter 8?(a) to Edna Louise's house.(b) To her hideout.(c) come school.(d) come the store.

13. In thing 3, where is Patty when the German detainees arrive?(a) at home.(b) At she grandmother's house.(c) In the Bergen's store.(d) In school.

14. What go Patty dream about at the finish of thing 5?(a) riding behind Anton on a black horse.(b) eating dinner v Anton in a good restaurant.(c) to run away to live through her grandmother.(d) looking for her real mom on a equine named Evol.

15. What perform Mr. And also Mrs. Bergen argue about in chapter 7?(a) Patty's hair.(b) The German prisoners.(c) The war.

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(d) The store's inventory.