Origin of So Hungry I can Eat a Horse

This sentence is an instance of a hyperbole. A hyperbolic declare is a substantially exaggerated statement that a human uses in a non-literal manner. Since a equine is a large animal, of course it would certainly be difficult for any type of human gift to eat whole horse, nevertheless of how hungry that human being was.

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The earliest instances of this expression, several of which show up as far ago as the 1700s, show up as therefore hungry could eat a horse behind the saddle. Various sources interpret this in miscellaneous ways. Some believe it means that the person is for this reason hungry he might eat the horse through his saddle. Others think that it way he might eat the horse’s behind end, which would be distasteful. However, there is no clean consensus.

There are various examples throughout history of Western culture being averse to consuming horsemeat. Some primary sources also compare eating dogs as favorable to eat horses. The is unsure why equines are not renowned as meat. Probably it is since they are seen as hardworking farm yard animals and as advantageous weapons ~ above a battlefield.

Examples the So Hungry I might Eat a Horse


The first dialogue shows a brother and sister stating what to eat because that lunch.

Luke: So, I can make us some risotto or lasagna.

Ella: i love both of those types of food, but I’m starving. Right now I prefer to eat something that is fast and easy to cook, fairly than miscellaneous that will certainly be extra delicious but take an hour or longer.

Ella: that’s not good enough either. That’s method too small. Ns so hungry I might eat a horse! maybe we should just order two huge pizzas!

Luke: good idea! ok order digital now.

The second example reflects two friends who are acquiring brunch together.

Ray: I’ve never ever been come this place before. Is it any good?

Ricardo: Oh, yeah! it’s amazing. The food is tasty, and the best component is they give you vast portions.

Ray: Perfect! ns so hungry I might eat a horse.

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The phrase I’m for this reason hungry I might eat a horse is a hyperbolic expression much like I’m starving. It means to it is in ravenous.