In trigonometry, occasionally we require students to learn the unique values the sine, cosine and tangent at 30, 45, 60 degrees, due to the fact that these room nice values. But I wonder if these facts are described or carry out teachers just say " = 1/2 , memorise this!"

Here's my explanation.(I am not certain if castle teach this in schools, but I'll look up the textbook the following time ns visit well-known bookstore.)

Show that sin(30) = Opp/ Hyp = 1/2.

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1) draw a new line dividing the right-angle into 30 and 60 degrees respectively.

Now triangle ABD and also BCD are both isosceles. In fact, BCD is an equilateral triangle.

2) Hence, CD= BD = BC

3) since BD lies ~ above the isosceles triangle ABD, BD= AD.

4) break up sin(30) = opp/hyp = BC / AC = 1/2

5) For great measure, making use of pythagoras theorem, we have the right to now display that


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