Adventures, Tombs, Shops, and also Relics in Shang Simla


Shang Simla, China is a great place for Simmers to start traveling the world with the Sims 3 people Adventures development pack. It"s the house of Martial Arts, features a good skill-boosting incense holder Sims can buy, and also an artifact deserve to be purchased that will provide your sim a boost in all old coins gained. From my experiences it has had the easiest dungeons of all the locations, conserve a couple of the much more trap-laden burial places here. It"s a an excellent place come start, and also one that its adventures will certainly send your center to France where they can begin earning VISA points over there while tracking under all the relics for China.

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China"s contributions to The Sims 3 human being Adventures


Chinese ShopsBookstore: sell a range of region-specific novels. Additionally, the brand-new China food preparation recipes because that egg rolls and stir fried food are offered here. There"s also bait publications for koi fishermen and also a Martial Arts ability book. General Goods: selling the Chinese incense holder i m sorry will rise your Sim"s skill gains while they"re in a room through it lit. This item, called the Honorary Incense Holder that Jun Pao boosts skill profit by a evidenced 25% and also it only expenses $10 to burn it. Don"t placed them near anything flammable as they can start fires. Additionally, the Martial art training dummies and also block breakers can be purchase here. Of course there"s the usual dried food, tents, shower in the can and also other items. Note that this save is increase one level native the others which have the right to make it tough to spot. Push web page up if you"re having actually trouble see it.Food Vendor: sells plums and also pomelos for usage in Cooking, Gardening or Nectar Making. You can likewise find row fry and also egg role dishes for sale in ~ the proper meal times.Relic Vendor: Visit this place often for aid filling the end your Sim"s relic collections. Periodically you can discover very beneficial artifacts here, but keep in mind the you can discover them the end in the world complimentary of charge.

Special ShopMarked in red on your map will be a special merchant (often at the Martial arts academy) that will market items that require old coins and a set VISA level. The following items are marketed in China:
Item NameAncient CoinsVisa LevelWhat the Does
Pemmican101Better than dried food and also gives a +moodlet once eaten.
Potion of fluid Courage401Cures the fear moodlet, perhaps saving your center some time. An excellent after a mummy encounter.
Sands the Understanding1001Helps you get through tombs by highlighting root cause in the existing room. I"ve never ever relied top top these, together they"re a little bit expensive. You may lug some roughly just in case you gain really stuck yet your results might not be together you"d expect...

Skeleton Keystone
4002Unlocks "shape" doors, such as stars and also crescents.
Escape Dust752Stuck? In a hurry? This will certainly teleport you to your current home (such as base camp)
Master Thief"s Coin7502Your Sim will certainly find much more Ancient coins than normal. A helpful purchase if girlfriend can get it at an early stage enough for it to do a huge difference.Sultan"s Tabernacle25003Luxurious slumber top top the road - a need to have!
Certificate the Partnership with China12003+3 free days on any kind of trip to China

Martial ArtsChina features several adventures that rely on the new skill it introduce to the game, Martial Arts. Monitor the connect to learn much more about this skill. Follow mastery of Martial art is recommended for any type of Sim who is going to adventure a lot.

CollectingChina bring a many of new stuff because that collecting. Over there are brand-new red assassin bugs, Bamboo straight Swift Butterflies and also Yellow tape Dart Butterflies, Jade and also Lapis Lazuli and also other gems, and mercury and also platinum metals. To aid you in her collecting efforts, I"ve detailed a collection of human being Adventures Collecting Maps.

Notable Adventures to carry out in China

First note I have a cultivation list of human being Adventures Tips. There room of food dozens of Adventures in Shang Simla, however I want to highlight several of the persons you simply don"t desire to miss. Ns won"t get in all the minute details that the various procedures in these adventure chains, but tell friend what persons to take as soon as you watch them available:

Seeking AdventureThe very first chain you have the right to do. If you want to have the ability to smash boulders later, you"ll should do this and a couple others to allow you to pick up. I had actually no luck obtaining this adventure to show up from the board once I was consistently canceling them till I had completed the tomb of Discovery. It seems you always start through the very same five, but since you"ll acquire visa clues from any type of of those ultra-easy adventures, knock castle out and don"t look back. This also allows access to Halls the the shed Army.

Constructing the Dragon Emperor MiniA good one to get rid of early, together it offers fast and easy VISA points. The last quest in the line right here will send her Sim trying to find Red Assassin Bugs, which are really high value. You have the right to spend a tiny time having your center gather extra bugs before you rotate in the adventure and make hundreds of Simoleons. This deserve to go a long way toward funding future adventures.

Potent signs of PotentialThis adventure chain is very an excellent for any kind of Sim who is walking to find out Martial Arts. Various other Sims will must do the to access the Resolute Fist Retreat because that the price there. When you obtain to the step in the chain where your Sim have to spar, try to spar v the target sim a couple of more times. Later, you"ll have to meditate because that a few hours in ~ the Scholar"s Garden and that calls for level 5 martial arts come accomplish. If you desire to save time, pick this one up prior to your Sim"s holidays is over and also pursue the Martial Arts level while they"re at residence in between adventures.

Confounded Boulder!This adventure chain leads to her Sim getting Pangu"s Axe. Monitor the link for an ext information ~ above this object and earning it. This sequence of quests is an extremely important in that it will enable your sim to clear boulders in tombs anywhere the take trip destinations in civilization Adventures. Because that those interested in the China burial places relic collection, it additionally leads to the price of the hot Springs Cave.

A Curious NoteThis line unlocks Dong Huo"s treasure Trove under the Shang Simla Market. It also leads come the market Caverns whereby you"ll find the keystone. Both of these tombs have a prize associated, and also there space some quite items to it is in found. This is additionally a rather brief chain and provides great VISA clues to push your Sim towards level 3.

Assisting an ElderThis quick adventure chain will cause your center being able to totally explore the area under the Terracotta Army, recognized as the tomb of the very first Emperor. Again, good for perfect the Chinese burial places collection because it leads to a price of the tomb of the an initial Emperor.

Knowledge of the PastThis adventure starts a an extremely long chain that leads your sim to France and also eventually Chateau du Landgraab. Upon return from France v the keystone to get in the Dragon"s Maw (aka temple of the Dragon), her Sim need to reach level 10 that Martial Arts, rest a room rock block and also win a ranked sparring complement to climate take on Dong Huo. This one can be an extremely long. Very sewing you will have sufficient time in France to complete the ar of Chateau du Landgraab. Acquire inside the area and head to the Landgraab Cellar vital door, i m sorry is weird enough found in the tower available from the soil floor. Over there aren"t any hard puzzles as soon as inside the cellar area, but keep one eye the end for hidden doors. Clearing this area will lead your center to a earlier exit and also a great nectar cellar area wherein you have the right to collect every form of grape. It"s worth grabbing them if your sim is a gardener or nectar maker. Follow me the way, keep an eye out for the Signet the Chateau du Landgraab, part of the French burial places collection.

Note that together of the moment of this writing my center did not require to end up being Grand understand as the adventure"s text implied, fairly he winner a solitary sparring match. This can be bugged.

Shang Simla, China Relic Collections

Chinese burial places Symbol Collection
Symbol of Dong Huo"s treasure TroveSymbol of the Annex that the Resolute FistSymbol of the Halls that the lost Army
Symbol of the hot Springs CaveSymbol of the industry CavernsSymbol of the Resolute Fist Retreat
Symbol that the temple of the DragonSymbol of the tomb of the first EmperorSymbol of Pangu"s Haven
Chinese Vases Collection
Vase that AminVase that BarookaVase that the Dragon
Vase that the EmpressVase of LifeVase that Maroof
Vase of NebuVase of Nosylla
Zodiac pets Collection
Green DragonSnake the SimharaWandering Tiger that Baroo

China makes the following additional contributions come the two international relic collections:Fu-Dog: danger CreaturesDropa rock of the Vortex and also Dropa rock of the Sky

Tombs to explore in Shang Simla, China

Dong Huo"s endowment TroveOnly easily accessible during the "A Curious Note" adventure heat after exploring the industry Caverns and also finding Dong Huo"s Keystone, the treasure Trove is appropriately heavy on the goodies. I uncovered a total of three vases indigenous the Chinese Vases collection, a Dropa Stone, in addition to a prize of Dong Huo"s treasure Trove behind a concealed door after advertise the red statue down a hallway. To acquire through this place you"ll need four keystones that space scattered approximately the tomb. ~ above finding every four, head come the final treasure room. Look because that the switch behind the throne because that an alternate exit.


The Dragon"s MawThis dig is just partially explorable without doing adventures. In stimulate to check out it fully, you"ll need the Keystone of the Dragon, which is obtained through a rather long quest chain the inolves a pilgrimage to France. Check out the significant China Adventures section for "Knowledge the the Past" to discover more. This place is the dig of Dong Huo and also his mummy lives at its lowest level. There are plenty of hidden doors in this ar concealing multiple pretty treasures. Stumbling throughout the price of the temple of the Dragon must be no trouble at all.

Halls the the lost ArmyThis dig is only accessible if you expropriate the first pair that adventures, beginning with "Seeking Adventure", as they provide the compelled Keystone the the Neophyte. You"ll desire to carry out this as it"s the only means to obtain the price of the Halls the the shed Army, a part of the Chinese burial places collection. The price is easily found at the finish of the tomb.

Hot Springs CaveAt the optimal of the hot springs area, there"s a boulder which deserve to be smashed allowing accessibility to a dive well. You"re sent below after obtaining Pangu"s Axe. In the last treasure chest, your center will get the prize of the hot Springs Cave. The puzzles here shouldn"t offer you too much trouble, and also the tomb is rather small.


Market CavernsYou can explore this tomb any kind of time, but the Dong Huo keystone will just be existing if girlfriend are right now pursing the "A Curious Note" adventure line. Access the sector Caverns by making use of the feet switch behind the market proper. You"ll likely discover a pair of relics for your collections in here. Look to the final treasure room, past the keystone door, because that a hidden room. Inside you"ll uncover the Chinese prize of the industry Caverns.

Resolute Fist RetreatExplorable during the Potent indications of Potential adventure chain. Your center will require to find out Martial arts to go into this place. If you desire to finish the relic collections, you"ll have to do this. Thankfully Zeneport and Tranquil Transference come in handy throughout tomb raiding so it"s not a rubbish of her Sim"s time at all. There space numerous artefacts to be found here, the only distinct one gift the price of the Resolute Fist Retreat, i m sorry is uncovered after the flame hallway in a hidden room near the last treasure chamber. You may need to execute some backtracking to acquire there as there are multiple routes that bring about the last room. Yet then, you should usually be trying come clear tombs of every treasure anyway, right?


Temple that HeavenThe entrance to the holy place of heaven is through among the two small buildings in the complex. The an initial area you"ll be able to access is unlocked with the Confounded Boulder! adventure heat which leader to the Keystone that Pangu. This ar is house to Pangu"s Axe, and should it is in something you try to unlock at an early stage so that your center gains full advantage of property of the Axe. The prize of Pangu"s Haven can be discovered through a concealed door near the stairwell v a table and also candles blocking her Sim"s progress. Look about in that area through the walls up to find the section of wall surface you deserve to inspect.

The second component is unlocked by starting the "In the aid of Monks" adventure chain. You"ll be able to explore a tiny further utilizing the holy place of heaven Keystone, yet will should fashion yet one more keystone to make it every the way to the end. The final treasure room here holds a couple of relics for her collection and a prize of the Annex the the Resolute Fist.

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Terracotta army - tomb of the very first EmperorAccess this area by agree the Assisting one Elder adventure. In instance you skip it, the enntrance gate is actually at the bottom of the hill, v a staircase. Inside, there space mummies so having some mummy snacks or Martial Arts ability will assist to prevent getting cursed. The vital to the Innermost Chambers is found after the room with numerous traps and a pushable statue. Shot to relocate the statue to the middle switch follow me the far wall surface in order to unlock the stairwell there. In the last treasure room, you"ll find the prize of the tomb of the first Emperor in addition to the Dragon Spear your sim seeks.

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