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present me yo booty hole, oh (x2)Show me yo loot holeWalk up in the club like you think you niceWalkin" all roughly like girlfriend cold together iceLookin" at yo booty makes me desire to touch itThinkin" bout yo hole renders me want to munch itYou know my Caddy"s parked just right outsiiiiirdYou know your booty want to go for a wiiird (Note: for a RIDE)We bout to drive around and also I"ll present you the cityI even might reach over and also grab me a tittyGrab that gr-grab that grab itTake that, take it that, take that, take it thatGrab the gr-grab that grab itTake that, take that, take the hoeBack increase in the club ns think I"m goin" blindSaw so lot booty virtually lost mine mindYou know you ns can"t assist it when I acquire startedDamn hoe! *fart noise* Was that yo booty that farted?*laughter* Ah, fuck it.Show me your booty hole! OhhhhhThat booty, that b-b-b-booty hole, the booty! OhhhhhThat b-b-b-booty hole, the bootyShow me your booty holeFirst thing"s an initial I know my layout is wackAnd very first things thirds i don"t even listen to rapAll these people constantly hatin" ~ above meScreamin" the end loud (Man, fuck the boosty.)All this crack ass rappers do the efforts to do it come the topBut v pointless rappingAdding pointless clappingOnly B come C will never stop*clap, clap, clap*It"s twelve fiftizzle and also I just acquired to the pizzleBoosty"s fucken drizzle turn off a party of bacizzleAll these trizzles try to acquire me in the frizzleBut I just want the hizzle buhizzle bizzle nizzleI got girls to mine left and girls to mine rightShake your booty baby, it"s lookin" alrightI gained booty to my left and booty to mine rightGive me booty baby and I"ll lick it all nightI great yo ass was every up on meSo I might put mine tongue within those cheeks(Ha ha, ha ha)This hole, that hole, this hole, that hole, Eeny meeny miney mo, permit me eat your booty hole(OKAY! break IT under NOW! )All this bitches and also all this hoesAin"t used to the lickin" the the prey holeSo which girl, just learn some patienceTurn around baby and also give me the anusLet"s go! present me yo prey holeOhhhh, that booty, the b-b-b-booty hole, the bootyOhhhh, that b-b-b-booty hole, the bootyShow me your booty holeShakin" yer booty choose it ain"t no thingRub it all up on my dingalingThinkin" bout what I want to carry out to youDoes that shit smell like poo come you? (Ew)Lace, silk, cotton, polyesterIt"s every comin" off so that doesn"t even matterBlack, white, asian, puerto ricanI don"t care, if her booty hole"s stinkin"(I want your booty hole, doo doo doo! )One, two, three, furrGet yer booty hole up in hurrFive, six, seven, eurrLet"s placed that booty hole ago to work! Nine, ten, eleven, twurvBend end baby and show me castle curves! currently you think I"m beginning to purvBut damn your ass if turn off the chain bi-atchOhh, shit ns think I nearly came! OhhhhThat booty, the b-b-b-booty hole, the bootyOhhhhThat b-b-b-booty hole, that bootyShow me your booty holeOhhhhThat booty, that b-b-b-booty hole, that bootyOhhhhThat b-b-b-booty hole, the bootyShow me yo booty hole!