You might know Shock top from the flagship Belgian White beer. Or, you could be a pan of their flavored specialties. Whatever might be your reason, you surely desire to know an ext about Shock Top, don’t you?


If ‘Yes’ is her answer, you’re in ~ the appropriate place! In this post, we’ll discuss everything you must know around Shock optimal beers; their history, their varieties, and even their calorie content.

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If friend have any kind of queries on Shock Top, you’ll be answered! review on to uncover out an ext about her favorite beer!

What is Shock Top?

Shock optimal was introduced as a 5.2% Belgian Wheat ale through Anheuser-Bush in 2006. This ale is brewed with two row-barley and imported Hallertau hops.

These space then mixed with Willamette hops and also Cascade. The fresh citrus note in the Shock top are the an outcome of included orange, lemon, and lime peels to the brew kettle during the brewing.

The ale, as it is unfiltered, has a cloudy texture and a light golden color. And, the taste, the course, is fresh and also smooth! Today, Shock top comes in assorted exotic flavors. Some room seasonals, vice versa, some are specialties.

Shock height Raspberry Wheat, Shock top Lemon Shandy, Shock Top end of the people Midnight Wheat, Shock Top coco Wheat, Shock top Pumpkin Wheat, Ginger Wheat, Pretzel Wheat, Shock top Wheat IPA, and also Shock height Honeycrisp to apologize Wheat are several of them.

History of Shock Top

The largest brewing company in the US, Anheuser-Bush, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, a Belgian multinational drink and also brewing firm based in Leuven, Belgium.

They presented Shock peak as a 5.2% alcohol by volume Belgian wheat ale together a seasonal beer in 2006. The beer to be brewed in fort Collins, Colorado, as Spring warmth Spiced Wheat.

This Shock optimal Belgian White ale won the yellow medal in the Belgian White category at north American Beer Awards in 2006.

What’s more, through bragging a bronze medal in the very same award in 2007, Shock peak proved chin unstoppable and was maybe to knife a reputation in the market quickly. The beer to be then made obtainable all year round due to the fact that 2007.

Since then, Shock Top has been may be to present varieties of put in order flavored beers together seasonals and specialties.

Calorie content in Shock optimal Beers


Are girlfriend someone that is calorie-conscious? If you’re always checking the brand of every food item and beverage, including beers, this section is especially catered to you. Let’s learn around calorie content in various shock height beers, candlestick we?

Shock Top has actually a wide variety of beers; their flavored beers room the ones friend should shot if friend don’t really reap the same-old beer-y taste.

And, with each flavor, the calorie circulation is slightly different. We won’t discuss every kind of beer that Shock top has ever before introduced; let’s go quick on a couple of popular ones!

1. Belgian White Beer

First, we have actually the renowned Belgian white beer, v 5.2% alcohol content. With 87% carb and 13% protein, i.e., 14.6 g and also 2.1 g every serving dimension (a party or a can), respectively, 12 oz. The this beer has a total calorie contents of roughly 167 calories.

2. Pumpkin Wheat Beer

With 15 g carb and also 2.2 g protein per serving size (i.e., 12 oz), the calorie percentage circulation for pumpkin wheat beer is the exact same as for Belgian white. However, the full calorie is slightly more – 168 every 12 oz. Bottle or can.

3. Raspberry Wheat Beer

The calorie circulation for 5.2% raspberry wheat beer through Shock peak is 90% carbohydrate – 17.5 g every 12 oz., and also 10% protein – 2 g protein every 12 oz. The calorie content likewise is slightly greater for this beer, i.e. 179 every 12 oz.

4. Honeycrisp apple Wheat Ale

Honeycrisp apologize wheat ale contains 100% carbohydrate, through the yes, really amount being 15 g every 12 oz beer. The total calorie contents for this beer is 167 calories.

5. Lemon Shandy

Now, if you’re trying to follow a low-calorie diet, we may have found a suitable beer alternative for you! despite lemon shandy beer through Shock height is not as low-calorie as various other low-calorie beers obtainable in the market, you may want to offer it a shot just for its new citrusy flavor.

The complete calorie contents in lemon shandy is simply 126 calories, through 100% carbohydrate. You can expect 12 oz. That lemon shandy come have roughly 3 g the carbs.

What to Pair your Shock height With?

As we’ve stated before, despite Shock peak is famed for the Belgian White, their beer arrays are unbeatable. Regardless of being flavored, wheat beers space not everybody’s cup the tea! part even find the wheat-y taste overpowering.

But because that those that love wheat beers, you could be wonder what you have the right to pair that with. Let’s talk about briefly what form of food goes finest with your Shock Top!

1. Fresh Summer Salads

Renegade Brewing

Cucumbers and leafy greens go well through wheat beers. Every little thing be the beer flavor, bready wheat or v some citrusy note, salad and also wheat beer combination is a hit because that sure!

What’s more, if you desire to experiment v some creamy dressings, walk for it! cut boiled egg or some sliced ham or turkey on height will certainly spice up the combination.

2. Lighter Fish

Renegade Brewing

Lighter fish and wheat beers match perfectly in flavor and also weight. What’s more, if you desire to take it the mix to the next level, a squeeze of lemon will do the job!

3. Fruit salad

Renegade Brewing

Your favorite key of fruit salad also best compliments Shock height wheat beer. The fruity refreshment in the background, along with your favorite wheat beer, will certainly make a perfect afternoon lunch!

At last, what you love your beer most with comes down to you. You can find some overhyped mix blunt, but some aer recipe could be a hit because that you.

So, if you desire to experiment with the food pairings for your Shock Top, that’s great too! yet if you’re unsure and don’t desire to danger it either, it’d be best if you take it our food pairing suggestions.

How long Does her Shock optimal Last?

As alcohol percentages in beers are fairly lower than other liquors, they often tend to go negative quickly. Generally, beers are recognized to be at their prime for about 6 months. However, ongoing refrigeration can make certain that the beer is of an excellent quality for around 6-9 months.

Most importantly, make sure you inspect the expiry date on her Shock Top. The days on beer party are infamous for being cryptic. If you’re can not to cracked it, a an excellent internet search would be enough to perform the job!

If your Shock Top has passed that expiry date, we’d recommend you no to drink it. Girlfriend can additionally check her beer for any foul odor or texture. Friend should likewise be maybe to watch your Shock top foam up when you open it. If that doesn’t, the beer isn’t rather drinkable.

A quick beer storage reminder for girlfriend – constantly store your Shock Tops away from heat and also sunlight. And also if possible, save the bottles and cans refrigerated at all times. As the chillier the beer, the better!

Drinking expired beer can come through its own collection of health and wellness risks. So, prior to you chug ~ above one, always remember come make sure that the beer is fine.

A Perfect way to enjoy Your Shock Top

Renegade Brewing

Many have no idea how to drink their Shock Top. Wheat beer is in itself either a fight or a miss! however even if you’re not a fan of Shock Tops, adding one or two ingredients could make it best for her palate.

So, room you trying to find a brilliant Shock optimal recipe to enjoy with your friends and also family top top summer nights? If yes, food preparation With Amber has the perfect recipe because that you.

Basically, the cooking recipes to do a invited Shock peak comprises a 12-ounce Belgian White Shock Top, 1.5 ounces shot cool Marnier and also a splice the orange or cranberry juice. If you desire to do it fancy, finish it up v orange slice toppings.

Take a pitcher v ice cubes, pour all the ingredients, and also dress that up! when you’re done, enjoy it with your friends and also family.

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Beers and also summer make a beautiful combination. And also what’s more, if the beer is flavored, the freshness is unbeatable. Likewise, wheat beer has a various fan base. Every little thing be her choice, Shock Top has actually it ready for you.

With this thorough guide ~ above Shock Top, we might have answer all her queries. By now, you recognize the calorie contents for every Shock optimal variety! You even know if a Shock height bottle friend just discovered in her refrigerator is still drinkable or not, don’t you?

So, i m sorry Shock peak flavor carry out you love the most? And, what around wheat beers? What’s your take on it? Let united state know!