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Hi I need to understand the torque specs because that the rocker eight on a small block Chevy 350. Is over there a specific pattern? I"ve watched specs ~ above the rocker studs but nothing top top the rocker eight nuts. I"ve additionally heard something about tightening them until there is no much more play in the push rod, and then 3/4 turn. In what direction i dont know.
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Rocker arm adjustmentYou can readjust hydraulic lifters v the motor running or not running. Youwill require some sort of oil control an equipment to do it with the motor running. Themost accurate method with the motor off is one cylinder in ~ a time v the cylinder top top the compression stroke. Over there is additionally a way to do part of the valves then turn the engine 360 degrees and also do the rest. The methodescapes me. (Can anyone refresh me?) The adjustment is the very same in every cases. Uncover zero lash and also tighten 1/2 come one full turn more.

If you execute a find in the understanding base or using the search role on adjusting rocker arms, you"ll uncover all you require to understand on it. If you still have actually questions, come ago and asking .Dylan.
small block chevy
Hey dude, it has been years since i operated in chevy dealership yet i prefered engine occupational when i was there. Ns did that so lot i obtained lazy and would run the nut down around a half inch in every stud. Regaurdless of which pistion to be up, discovering that about fifty percent thread is what itis going to finish up v anyway. Native that allude the valves to be tight enough to allow the engine come run but i had chatter on all the rockers. Then i would turn then slowly crank down until the engine began missing, At the time ago off just a small and leaving it there. Move on to the next. (this only works if you have actually hydrolic lifters that have been pumped up) this is the fasted way i found.
Are friend a technical writer for Haynes or Chiltern ? ain:
For HUH?, set the number one cylinder at TDC firing place and collection the exhaust valves ~ above cylinders,1, 3, 4, 8 and also the join on,1, 2, 5, 7.Rotate the crank 360º and collection the exhaust valves ~ above cylinders, 2, 5, 6, 7 and the intakes on, 3, 4, 6, 8.According come Chiltern, Haynes left the end number 1 cylinder in theirs.BTW because that Chevy.Edit: Preload, Chiltern claims 1 1/2 turns in and also Haynes reckons 1.
Thanks malc
malc,Thanks for her reply on setting valve lash. Your technique is fast andplenty accurate enough for hydraulic lifters. When you pass fifty year of ageyou lose numerous things. Storage is usually the second, i can"t really remember the first!Dave
Obvioiusly most human being are concentrating on lash adjustment.The rocker arm nut still requires TORQUE.If the self-locking nut has actually insufficient torque the adjustment will not continue to be constant.Look for around 10-15 lb/ft talk on the nut-to-thread drag.
i think he"s talkin" around the nuts. If the torque is less, change the nut as the me locking function has been compromised.

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