So, I'm looking to obtain the phrase "res tantum valet quantum vendi potest" as a tattoo and also was make the efforts to number out what it would look like...

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Can the be created in the classic Latin alalphabet(

Also any type of idea top top the origins of this statement?

And finally, what is the suitable pronunciation?

Your feedback is appreciated and also will help me not look favor an idiot for the rest of mine life!


It's a quote indigenous a 13th century Italian jurist called Accursius. You have the right to write it just as it looks, and pronounce it as if it were Italian, together its writer would have.

if you don't desire to look prefer an idiot, don't obtain a latin tattoo.

what is your reason for wanting to get a latin tattoo? why carry out you feel the have to convey your blog post in latin? perform you have substantial background in the language? if not, space you just gaining it so you can appear fancy, classy, or sophisticated? since to me, a latin tattoo has the opposite effect: it shows up tacky and contrived, and way too try-hard.

it's the tattoo tantamount of a fedora.

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if friend don't desire to look favor an idiot, don't gain a latin tattoo. What is your reason for wanting to gain a latin tattoo?

It's a latin phrase.

why perform you feeling the need to convey your blog post in latin?

The article is because that me, I execute what ns please. It will be on my upper thigh encountering me. The definition is more significant than what it in reality is, as such if ns can't review it, the doesn't matter. It might be a shaded in square and also if ns understand/enjoy it the is all the matters.

do you have comprehensive background in the language?

No. You currently knew that. There to be a reason I inquiry the questions I did...

if not, are you just acquiring it so you can show up fancy, classy, or sophisticated?

No. It's a Latin phrase. I am considering getting it in classic Latin if appropriate. Tattoos in no means convey class, fanciness, or sophistication. Very couple of will watch it various other than myself, mine dong, and also my wife.

because to me, a latin tattoo has actually the the opposite effect: it appears tacky and contrived, and way too try-hard.

Cool. I didn't ask your critique that the tattoo. I asked your critique the the language. That's why ns figured girlfriend sub'd this sub...

it's the tattoo indistinguishable of a fedora.

That would certainly be Chinese creating in my opinion.

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I'm here because I don't desire to put the wrong translation on mine body. Choose your source. This is a fear I currently understand/am mindful of. So, I would appreciate your assist in overcoming it.