Most web browsers can screen a list of internet pages the the user has actually bookmarked so the the user can conveniently return come them. Bookmarks are additionally called “Favorites” in internet Explorer. In addition, all major web browsers have actually some type of built-in web feeding aggregator. In Firefox, net feeds are formatted as “live bookmarks” and also behave choose a folder that bookmarks matching to current entries in the feed. In Opera, a more traditional feed reader is had which stores and displays the materials of the feed.

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Furthermore, many browsers have the right to be prolonged via plug-ins, downloadable components that provide added features.

User interface


Some residence media tools now include web browsers, favor this LG smart TV. The internet browser is managed using one on-screen keyboard and also LG’s “Magic Motion” remote.

Most major web browsers have these user interface aspects in common:

Back and forward buttons to go earlier to the previous resource and forward respectively.A update or reload switch to reload the present resource.A stop button to cancel loading the resource. In part browsers, the stop button is combined with the reload button.A home button to go back to the user’s residence page.An address bar to input the Uniform resource Identifier (URI) that the desired resource and display screen it.A search bar to input terms right into a find engine. In part browsers, the find bar is combined with the deal with bar.A condition bar to display progress in loading the source and additionally the URI of web links when the cursor hovers over them, and also page zooming capability.The viewport, the clearly shows area the the webpage within the internet browser window.The ability to view the HTML source for a page.

Major browsers additionally possess incremental find features to search within a net page.

Privacy and also security

Most browsers support HTTP Secure and offer quick and also easy means to delete the web cache, cookies, and also browsing history. Because that a to compare of the present security vulnerabilities of browsers, see comparison of net browsers.

Standards support

Early web browsers supported just a very straightforward version the HTML. The rapid advance of proprietary internet browsers brought about the advancement of non-standard dialects of HTML, top to problems with interoperability. Modern web browsers support a mix of standards-based and also de facto HTML and XHTML, which need to be calculation in the same method by every browsers.


A browser extension is a computer program the extends the usability of a internet browser. Every major web web browser supports the development of web browser extensions.

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Web browsers consist of a user interface, layout engine, rendering engine, JavaScript interpreter, UI backend, networking component and also data persistence component. This components attain different functionalities the a internet browser and together administer all capabilities of a internet browser.