The critical time ns wrote around Pokemon Dark Rising, I associated how complicated the game was considering there weren’t many cheats that operated on it. In terms of story and gameplay though, that video game was arguably among the finest homebrews the I’ve ever before played (and to trust me, i’ve played v a lot). Additionally, in that exact same article, I likewise wrote the Pokemon Dark increasing was simply the an initial in a series of homebrew Pokemon gamings made through DarkRisingGirl. Simply a pair of days earlier I tried out Pokemon Dark climbing 2, which as the name implies is the second game in the series.

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Like any Pokemon game I boot up on GBA4iOS, ns always try to watch what type of cheats work on them. As lot as I’d like to play with a entirety Pokemon game without having actually to depend on cheats, it simply becomes also tiring to grind at part point. With this in mind, I’ve prepared a small something for people like me who want to breeze with all the random encounters and also grinding and finish up the totality story. Of food it must be listed that these cheats will occupational on any type of emulator nevertheless of the communication (yes, you can use these for Android GBA emulators together well!).


You can use Pokemon Fire Red cheats on Pokemon Dark increasing 2 Cheats for GBA4iOS (or on any kind of other GBA emulator). Yet what cheats must you load up though? If you’ve been reading my Pokemon cheats write-ups here on, you will do it probably know that there space a couple of cheats the I’ll constantly recommend the you turn on.

Cheats To gain You Started

If you’ve ever before played Pokemon Dark Rising, then you’ll find the cheats the I’m going to perform down right here familiar.

Unlimited Money


Although it’s fairly long, ns can’t stress the prominence of the unlimited/infinite money cheat enough on any type of Pokemon write-up I write. This is the only cheat the comes close come letting you gain Pokemon Dark rising 2 as it was intended to it is in played. An recommend that you can want to take it into factor to consider when play the video game using this cheat is to never allow it while an additional cheat is activate (or angry versa). Return Pokemon Dark increasing 2 isn’t together buggy as the an initial game, it’ll be better for you to err ~ above the next of caution.

Enable Cheap items Code


716AD990 7BA5C8B0AD86124F 2823D8DA

This password will drastically reduce the expense of items come P1. Girlfriend can likewise limit the item the you want to lower the cost of acquisition by appending its specific code in enhancement to this Cheap item Code. For now there space really just two items that you’ll want to gain for cheap and these are understand Balls and also Rare Candies. It’s even feasible to no have limitless money permitted if every items only expense P1.

Master Ball


88CFA129 357400B28BB602F7 8CEB681A

Rare Candies


88CFA129 357400B251CF1F27 2E270374

Walk v Walls


509197D3 542975F478DA95DF 44018CB4

Walking with walls will not only save you time however a many of effort as well. This will be specifically helpful when you’re in caves or locations that have actually plenty grass and you don’t want to protect against random encounters.

Pokemon encounter Codes

You’ll also want a an excellent team the Pokemon to walk up against Darugis, the Pokemon bring about havoc in Pokemon Dark Rising. Right here are some an excellent Pokemon the you might want to consider adding to her team. Keep in mind that some of the Pokemon you’ll encounter in the video game are not originally from Fire Red and also are from later on generations (which is in reality cool).



17543C48 E65E0B9743FF33D1 F368CDE6



17543C48 E65E0B970C8037A6 BE1D9DB2



17543C48 E65E0B9780755BDB E392B806





17543C48 E65E0B97545C676A 51FFDC1C

An essential Reminder!!

Make certain to use your master Balls instantly to record these Pokemon utilizing your master Balls as soon as you encounter them. Along with Salamance (my said starter Pokemon), these will make beating every the bosses (including Darugis) easier.

You might be familiar with these codes indigenous the vault Pokemon Dark Rising write-up I made. I in reality re-used the very same cheats because as I described earlier, both of these hacks’ parent ROM is Pokemon Fire Red. Unlike my previous article regarding the an initial game in this series, ns only provided down 5 Pokemon encounter cheats. The factor for this is the your starters room actually quite powerful so there’s yes, really no must go for an ext than 5.

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If you’re no a pan of these Pokemon climate feel free to use the Pokemon encounter password from Fire Red to kind your team. However, take keep in mind that the password might an outcome in various Pokemon than what you’d normally encounter in Fire Red.